The best part about AppKodes new release RANDOU is seeing what the other world is doing in a click

AppKodes Randou is a revolution in video-dating app industry that lets you start your own anonymous video chat with strangers business. Randou is an easy to use stranger chat app clone, all your users have to do is just turn on their camera inside the app and a random person will appear right away.

Security of your user’s data comes first in everything we build. Security features like video moderation automation are built with the Randou’s infrastructure to keep your user’s data protected at every layer.

We have invested in teams and technology to continually improve AppKodes Randou security, protecting not only our operations but your business as well. And because we believe that building a safer video dating app is better for everyone, we share those security innovations with the world.

AppKodes Randou is not just secure and has been packed with sound layers that create a strong foundation for everything your business does online.


We help you get more out of your stranger video chat app business


You can make instant money every time your user purchases GEMS. Not only that, for every video call your users to have to spend some GEMS while sending GIFTS and more. By this, your user has to purchase GEMS for accessing cool features of the app, from which you can earn a good amount of money.

Prime membership

With this feature you allow your users to access more features on a discounted price and you earn for their subscription either monthly or yearly based on your choice.

Converting gifts

Every time a user converts their GIFTS as MONEY or GEMS you’ll earn a fixed amount of commission. And this amount can be fixed as per your needs.

Promotional in-video Ad

Earn revenue by running promotional in-app Ads, where your users have to watch an advertisement for earning FREE gems and you get a commission from Google for every view. WIN-WIN monetization feature.

Google Adsense

Subscribe to Google AdSense to earn money using PPV Ads.

We help make the Internet safer for everyone

Encryption to keep users protected

Users can block, change their viewer preference from their profile to stop receiving unwanted notifications and annoying connections online. Users can hide their age, set location preference and many other things to keep them encrypted during their entire journey with the app.

Incident management to resolve threats quickly

If any user tries to undergo any sexual activity during a video call, the app automatically blocks the user for the next 24 hours to maintain your stranger video app business only as a fun and flirtatious experience.

Strong controls to limit access to trusted personnel

During a chat, if your user REPORTS the other person on the chat, the app will automatically capture screenshots of both the users and will send it to the Admin. Admin can review it block the respective user.

Features of AppKodes Randou

  • Live Chat
  • Image sharing
  • Stickers
  • One-hand access
  • Video call
  • Safety settings
  • Admin announcements
  • Reliable admin panel

We offer this technical solution customizable to save you time

Since your customers are concerned about their own data privacy, we provide you AppKodes Randou with extensive brand customization, advanced features that come in the form of Android and IoS apps with end-to-end controllable admin panel.

The best part of having AppKodes as your random video chat app development partner is that you don’t just get a developed app with scalable support and maintenance but working ideas on how to organize and grow your business online.

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