Here’s How to use video streaming app clone to gain huge profit

In a previous post, we saw about how live streaming apps is proving to be effective for brands in their growth and for reach. Here we shall see about how to use the video streaming app clone to gain huge profit.

Here_s How to use video streaming app clone to gain huge profit

Ads in between the live stream

If anyone channel of a user has got a huge number of followers and if their recent live video was watched by a significantly great number of concurrent viewers. Then you can seize it to make some good profit through it.

You can collect the ads of interested brands and let it stream in between live videos. And the fee collected for it can be shared with the video content creator.


If a video content creator is super awesome in creativity and keeps on churning out some interesting video stuff. Then to encourage that particular creator the viewers may donate some amount.

It is widely followed on the pioneer video streaming apps as YouTube live, Live U, etc. And YouTube live on super chat deducts 30% as a commission from the donation as the revenue. And so you too can introduce it and set up your level of commission as you wish.

Pay Per View/Subscriptions

If in the case in your app your allowing a user to stream a month-long series. You can commonly let all users watch it premiers for free and to continue watching it, you can ask them for pay. So the users will be intrigued and more possibly they will go for it.

And then the subscriptions. Have different subscription packages and lure users with perks associated with it. You can provide perks like Chat and comment in between live video, and ad-free videos, etc.

Affiliate deals

If your site has got a proven good number of visitors then the affiliate deals would readily flow in. You can place the sponsor link in your site ad banner or between/at end of any video. For every link click, you can charge some specific amount from the advertiser.

Google Adsense

If not only from videos you can make use of Google Adsense. On the website ad banners, you can let users advertise their merchandise or any kinds of stuff/services for some specific period at a specified cost. So this is the complete another way for monetization which doesn’t come inside the video.

Final word

So for video content creators, it is providing the best platform for reach and popularity. At the same time to make good cash too. So, create a reliable video streaming platform with Appkodes Livza for video content creators and let them earn to generate your revenue through all above-mentioned ways.

This video streaming script  from Appkodes is the best solution on every aspect for online live streaming.

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