Factors That Reveal Instant Chat App Have Tipped Over Social Media Apps

The fast-evolving technology has brought a huge change in the way people communicate. The digital age brought the way of communication in carrier text messages and then moved to social media apps. And now for communication, the reliable social media apps are being tipped over by the instant chat apps.

The increase in the number of social chat apps has brought a great change in the demographics of social networking site usage.

Peoples are transitioning towards the chat apps and private groups than on social media platforms.

So read further down to know the factors that reveal chat apps have started to dominate the social media world.

Instant Chat App

The BI intelligence has revealed that messaging apps have got more user counts than the four big social media apps.

Promotion and marketing

A big advantage of messaging apps is it has got far fewer features than social apps. And those features keep everything simple and easy for users. The frequency of messaging app usage per day makes that as another best space for promotions and marketing. And also chat is getting upgraded each day and recently it has got features to make payments, displaying short news and also providing in-app purchases.

A big replacement

Presently Emails are a part of any business organization but moving forward on fast competitive environment businesses are pushed to be smarter. Chat can convey the voice instantly where the Emails can’t. So many businesses are replacing Emails with the instant chat apps as the inter-organization communication tool. And also it has media, location, document, contact sharing features makes this more lovable than a social medium.

Personalized communication

As social media is a common platform for all, many are relying on a private platform for communication exchange on any intended discussions and chat apps have made for the same purpose. This will help a user to chat directly with whom he wants. So on any discussion compared to the social media, through a chat app user can get his answer very soon without any space for confusion. And users can enjoy sharing their thoughts without the fear being judged.

Not only for chats

Chat apps are not only meant for chatting it has also got audio and video calling features that can provide communication with the personal touch. Bringing people close to you better than ever without losing its integrity.

Most secured

One to one conversations or the group chats is more secured with an end to end encryption. Messaging apps offer more security than social media apps. Hope you are aware of the recent data breach and informational hacks on a giant social media app. But have you ever heard about the information leak from the messaging app?. Such is the security level on the messaging app.

Instant and asynchronous

When users type and hit enter the sent message instantly reflects on the receiver screen. So it provides a seamless chat experience for the users.

The chats are saved on a cloud server. So if you leave a chat in between and come back after any amount of time you can start from where you left the thread until you intentionally delete it.

Adapt to the change

So the evolution of technology has brought this change and on recent future, it’s only going get better than this. Messaging apps have claimed its place in the social world within only within few years after it was launched. And its future updates are only going to make it even smarter. So seize this opportunity and build your own instant chat app for business today with Appkodes Hiddy. Hiddy is not just identical to Whatsapp or any leading messaging apps. It has got some exclusive features like public and private channels to broadcast the content and mark any chat as favorite to place on top of the conversation.

On Christmas sale, the ultimate package of Hiddy is available t 30% – 50% off until 30th December. So, adapt to the change quickly with this best readymade solution.

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