5 Essentials On E-commerce Website script For Successful Online Shopping Business



The competition in the e-commerce market is so intense and so you got to be very clear with your brand strategy. With e-commerce giants acquiring most of the market this doesn’t mean your app will go unnoticed. A user will adjudge your app in just a few seconds so within that time you should impress them.

So while building your online shopping website with eCommerce website script remember about these five essential attributes that can help you impress and retain the users.

  1. Design

Why this first? The design of your app is the first thing a user will get to see and all other things next. If users feel complicated on the flow and purpose then they may readily leave. Don’t fill it with a lot of animations to make it fancy nor with contents for more information. Try to keep it simple and clean.

  1. Security

On a shopping cart, it is essential for you to collect the user details that even includes their credit/debit card details. And for making the process little easier when they return for next time you can suggest them to save their card details for easy checkout. But ensure security in all cases and insist users that all their data are safe and it won’t be revealed or used for any purpose.

  1. Quality images

An image can speak a lot than any assuring words. So when sellers list their products for sale request them to post a good quality image for the product and not the images which they captured using their mobile camera. Posting a quality image not helps the sellers also enhances your brand image.

  1. Social Login

Provide a hassle-free way to signup and login. Who doesn’t have an account on social media now?. So place the social media API and let users to signup and login using their existing account. This idea does not suit only for login. It can also let users share products with connections on their social network.

  1. Abandoned carts

The abandoned carts have got the least rate of returning back. So, maximize the user anticipating options and minimize the possibility of abandoning. Mostly the users are abandoning while checking out so provide all alternatives and proceed towards the transaction and consider about having the inbuilt wallet.

So these are the five main attributes you need to consider for a successful e-commerce business .

xams banner3.JPG

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