Price Slashed On Readymade Taxi Booking Mobile App

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Uber has set a benchmark in the online taxi booking business industry. And inspired by the success of Uber, Lyft and more such apps many are thriving to start this business. And one easy way for them is to avail a readymade taxi-booking mobile app or the best Uber clone app, as there are many available in the market.

Cabso – Uber Clone taxi booking app

Among the contemporaries for the clone of Uber, Cabso stands out for two best reasons. The first one is that it is developed using the MEAN stack technology and completely crafted with Javascript. So it provides good speed, reliability, and efficiency over other readily available scripts.


And the other best thing is this feature-rich, exclusively developed Cab booking scripts’ ultimate package is now available on 40% off from 1st -31st of December. Use XMAS40 code to get 40% Offer.


Business with Cabso


As all taxi booking apps are the best fit for local commutations you got to think beyond this level for the success. So you can consider offering the following services on your app,


Outstation cabs


So first thing you can do is, Offer cabs not only for local commutations but also for outstations. On few taps let users grab the best price in commutation from city to another city. You can provide the luxury of multiple stops and convenience in speed.


Rent car as a package


If renting a car when only needed is the one way then if needed at multiple times a day for anyone then you can introduce some exciting packages for them. You can have a package fixed for some particular hours and kilometers. So users can hire the package and can enjoy the uninterrupted ride on his own luxury.




At times for long distance within a city or even distance may be short due to the traffic in that route the fare amount might be high for rides. In that case, the ride-sharing will help the users, they can opt for pool rides and can share the fare with rider traveling same on that route.


Add-ons in ride booking


If a user is booking a car to take his old grandmother who can’t walk or taking his baby along with him then they may look out for some convenient options. So provide a cab with add-ons options like a wheelchair in it or a baby rocker inside the car to seat the baby safely.


Then the other option you can consider is the premium membership plans to provide your users. Once the user signup for the premium membership plan with paying some amount you can provide them the free rides or some offers, which is being very popularly followed now.

End thought

Our readily available script can offer you the best platform for business and so you are guaranteed for reliable revenue. Grab the limited time offer and bring your business live today.


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