5 Ways To Best Leverage Instant Chat Apps For Business

The online instant chat apps are evidently becoming the reliable mode for communication. The leading and well-versed player in this industry now Facebooks’ Whatsapp has got billions of users all over the world. And on daily basis, it is recording for millions of media sharing among the users.


And in some parts of the world, this app is accounting for more usage count than other social media giants like Facebook, Twitter. Thanks mainly to its personal touch assuring connections.

So down here, let us see about the 5 ways to best leverage instant chat apps for your business.

  1. Internal team communication

If you build a special tool for your internal communication and let your employees use, It may go well with them or may not at times. But building a chat app like whats app for inter-organizational communication will surely go well because all will be already using it and so it doesn’t require any tutorials.

So it will be fast and fun. For every individual team, you can form a group and can share messages instantly rather opting to do it with email.

2.  Customer communication

To boost sales on your business you can best use the business chat app and follow your connections rather than making a call. It provides them with a personal touch. This is a proven way to approach your customers and numbers say you have got a 40% chance to convert that lead into a sale when you ping them on their chat.

3.  Customer support

The wide reach of the instant messaging app could come handy in providing customer support through it. This app could provide an easy way for customers to directly reach on any of their queries rather opting to make a call for customer support.

4. Marketing and Promotion

The messenger apps don’t have any limit on texts messages nor sharing media files. So it is considered to be the one best tool for marketing and promotions. But rather focussing on new prospects it can be best helpful in firmly holding the existing customers.

5.  Other possible ways

The chat apps can also be useful for the food ordering business, where a restaurant can make a business profile on it and can receive orders from there.

Could come handy in personalized consultation services. Rather visiting in person it can be entirely carried out here.

End thought

So messenger apps are not only hugely beneficial for personalized chats. The all above factors sum up the pros associated with the instant chat app for business. So why hesitate?. Make your own online chat app in just matter of time with Hiddy and leverage its benefits for your business.

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