7 Unjust Tips To Increase Business On Your Travel Booking Website


7 just tips to increase business in your travelbooking website

Although travel websites are considered to be the best destination for preplanning and booking rentals for accommodation and commutation, yet it has only 4% conversion rate. Exclaiming right? Even though it is getting huge traffic precisely 95% are leaving the site without completing the purchase.

It is all because travel booking business is a challenging one in itself. Personals who are already owning this business are struggling to completely learn about their prospects and also complexity in searches and lengthy process in check out and all reflections on low conversion rate.

But still, water will keep on flowing under the bridge you should be able to hold more fishes from it than before. So here are 7 unjust tips to increase business on your travel booking website.

  1. Make your search smart and visceral

The hotel reservation or any travel booking online site is nothing without a search box. The search box is the first thing any user guest will look out for on a rental booking website. So place your search box in a most premium location and present it big. Even it is fine if your homepage opens with just a big search box and all other options in tabs.

And provide users the customized search option to effortlessly to land exactly on their needs.

  1. Search results are crucial

When a user searches for something, the results displayed on a search result will prompt him to either continue for booking or leave the site. So search results are crucial, instead of promoting only paid hosts rental listing, provide relevant results as much as possible.

  1. Personalize with learning your customer

Some users while in search for booking a rental or flight will only look out for some selective criteria like good amenities and hospitality. Learn about their booking habits and send them personalized offers, which they should feel like a never miss the offer.

  1. Be clear and not just precise

Take a case, when offering flight tickets your site might have a different rate for different aged peoples. But if you don’t have manual age entering option rather you have only three options as kids, adults, elderly one might not think twice and may continue with your rival, who may have a clear age entering feature.

  1. Reserve a space for last minute booking

A stat in a study reveals that having an express booking button on the homepage is recently converting the good number of traffic into the sale.

  1. Suggest only if you know better

If you have earned a guests’ reliability then you can suggest some places after learning from his/her booking habits.

  1. Grant un-refusable offers

With competition being so intense, even with minimum fuss and complications your user might look for other possible sites. So hold them to your site with possible un-refusable offers and then make them as the loyal customer with guaranteeing the best UX.

Closing point

Online travel booking business recently is a good choice to earn the best online. But to best covert the traffic you have to do it best. So you will need a right platform to implement all the above tips and you can effortlessly build that platform with Airfinch, a travel booking website with requisite default features present on it. You can avail it today and customize to implement your own strategy and can start your business right away.


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