An Explicit Distinguish Between Consumer App Vs Marketplace App Vs Multi-Vendor App


market place app vs multi vendor script images

E-commerce online shopping business is common but according to the business requirements/model, it tends to differ. According to the need and plan some might opt for any one of consumer app or marketplace app or the multi-vendor app.

So let’s know, what’s the difference between three apps? and for whom these apps will fit in?.

Consumer app

Heard about the single vendor e-commerce app?. If yes, then consumer app is as same as that.

If no, then consumer app is an app for online purchase where there will be only one seller who will be selling his own products on the site. It has got some advantages like the buyers will get to know that they are buying from the trusted vendor. And also allows the store owners to engage with the customers and maintain his brand image.

The disadvantage is, it lacks the variety which is in much demand right now. The store will have only products that are with the seller and don’t provide options to compare with other sellers.

Marketplace app

If you are familiar with the multi-vendor system then you will be surely knowing about the marketplace app.

If not sure what is a multi-vendor system, then here it is for you.  A marketplace is a platform where multiple individual vendors can take place and sell their products. This is an open platform a user can either register as seller or buyer and can easily take part in the system. The owner of the platform can also list his products as a vendor combined with the other vendors. The owner can provide free access to the sellers or can charge commission on each sale done through his platform, for profit. And the owner is the admin figure in this system by overseeing all operations right from providing access to the system to the payments collected from the buyers.

Multi-Vendor app

The multi-vendor app falls under the model of marketplace app but it slightly differs on two aspects from the marketplace app

The first thing is, the Multi-vendor app has got two separate apps for the sellers and the buyers but on the marketplace, it is the same for both.

And the second thing is, a vendor can take part in the system only if the admin provides him the access to the vendor app. But on marketplace app, vendors are free to register themselves.

So this is the two differences. The vendors who are with a vendor app can upload products, alter price, and edit other details just through the mobile app.

The app owner can selectively provide access to the vendor apps and hence this app will have more control over the marketplace apps.


Which Fits for whom?

So each app is different in purpose.

Consumer apps fit in for one who doesn’t want to take part in a competitive environment rather create his own niche.

Marketplace app suits the small sellers.

Multi-vendor apps suit bigger sellers and some of bigger sellers who already have their own niche might fit in consumer app.

Closing thoughts

So if you are thinking about building any kind of e-commerce app share your ideas with us and we with our readymade social e-commerce script- Fantacy will get your ideas into reality in just matter of time as you wished it to be on the web and native mobile apps.


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