5 Best Classified Marketplace For Buying/Selling Crafts/Handmade Goods

Recently, homemade products or handcrafted goods have turned from a part-time/side business into the full-fledged business. The top players in the online classifieds business industry are the best market to sell those products, for ones who are making those.

So let’s see about 5 best marketplaces for buying and selling crafts and handmade goods.

Today’s development in technology has brought plethora of softwares which aids this purpose. But in all those below mentioned are the proven best classifieds ads software which is best suited on all cases of online buy and sell business.



The old and most reliable online marketplace for any kind of goods trades is Ebay. This website is one among the global favorite for even used product selling or crafts and handmade goods. Though it is the very old site still reckoned as on best marketplace app is purely because of its exclusive idea.

eBay was different from the word go, other classifieds site when launched were like make the list with the price and buy it on mentioned price. But eBay had other ideas, where it introduced itself as an auction website and let its users communicate with each other to negotiate with price.


Etsy has got the reason in its tagline to claim a spot in this list. It quotes, ‘if its handcrafted, vintage, custom or unique then It’s on Etsy.

This is another one probably the best marketplace to sell or buy the handmade crafts/goods online. Its freemium business model with less commission deduction on sales and a wide range of categories makes this website to stand out in the competition for the best.


Artfire is the marketplace which unites the global craft makers and interested buyers with its unified, interactive classifieds platform. And this website is considered to be the rising start in the alternative to eBay. It is almost free to use on all costs, but if you feel that you want to expand your store in this site then you have to pay for more space.

Craft is Art

The craft is Art is the complete website for selling the handmade, art, vintage, and supplies. It is one best stop to know about the wide range of handmade items categorized from accessories, bath, etc to woodworks. Its no cost listing and instant payments are making peoples fast incline towards this website.


Are you surprised to see this name in this list? But the reality is, Amazon has got a subsite working entirely for selling the handicraft products. Though it has got some high listing fees compared to other leading sites the readymade in flowing traffic on day to day basis, which is essential for quick selling is marking this as one of the best.

Build your own classifieds platform today

So above mentioned are just a few among the best in this industry still there are many. They all are hugely successful because of the prevailing demands. On today online classifieds business is considered as one among the best business to earn good online. So leverage a readily available online classifieds ads software – Joysale and start your online classifieds business right away.


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