Ways By Which Video Conferencing Can Change Your B2b Workplace?

According to a study, face-to-face communications builds trust and authenticity between members. And it is 34 times more successful than texts based emails. From product development meetings to one-off collaborative projects, video calls can help get messages across more clearly and more quickly than emails. With project members scattered across departments, locations and time zones, you need group video conferencing to collaborate.

ways by which videoconfrencing change your life.png

A better way to save your time and communicate the information efficiently than ever

Depending on your role, you might be switching between tabs and devices to keep track your emails, client calls, texts and in-person meeting on track. And the real struggle is when you have to communicate the same information to most of your team members. Sometimes due to a big mix up, your communication might be slowed down, disjointed and inefficient.

Cut these gaps by recording or bring your whole team together for a group video call. If you’re lucky this video message can be saved in the cloud as an add-on in some of these best team applications and you can use this distinctive feature. You can be sure that none of your information has slipped through those cracks. And saves you a whole lot of time for you don’t have to switch between tabs anymore by speeding the process.

Cost-effective solution to foster your team together

Say you’ve clients across the globe, and you may be working with experts all around the world to complete their projects. No client likes to fly twelve hours to explain you his project until you’re delivering the project in hand. Flying the whole team together to your client’s location for a meeting takes a lot of time, money affecting your clients as well as employee’s satisfaction.

Fortunately, group video calls and conferencing cuts out the need to travel at all. Investing only a few dollars can bring your team and clients together irrespective of their locations. That’s a huge boost to your bottom line — and employees will thank you for the added convenience and flexibility.

The most reliable way to deliver more engaging and meaningful conversations between your team

It is easy to misinterpret someone’s intended meaning over an text-based email or other text-based forms of communication. In a text, precised tone, body language and facial expressions that usually communicate personality are lost. Leading to misunderstandings that could make or break a project’s process. While you don’t necessarily need to be friends with your teammates, maintaining quality relationships with them makes things smooth and more productive.

With group video conferencing, teammates are able to read these cues more effectively. Ensuring that everyone is on the same track and collaborate in deeper, more meaningful conversations. When teammates are more comfortable with each other and coordinating with the right information, they’re able to get work done and stick with the company.

There is no alternative to in-person communication. Team communication and collaboration tools like Hiddy have in-built video-conferencing options that help your team stay connected.

Know more about the tool or better sign-up for the trial.


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