Build Your Taxi Hailing App For Instant Rides And Persistent Ride Offers

The success of Uber in the international arena has brought the evolution of numerous taxi-hailing apps. Even though it is many in numbers none is short of business and generating good revenue.

build your taxi hailing app

So build your own app like Uber using our readymade script, Cabso. Which by default has got all the user anticipating features. And so it can assure the best UX and so the good revenue in your business.

Users expectation in taxi booking app

The customers and the drivers are the two kinds of users on a taxi booking app. The customers/end users will expect for doorstep taxi pickup/ designated location pickup on their any needed time without any delay. And the drivers will expect for frequent ride offers for reliable profit.

So these two are the main expectation of the users from any online taxi booking system. So when these expectations are met with right features then you can rack up your business successfully.

Features on Cabso

Cabso is a readymade cum easily customizable script with features like,

  • Know your fare before confirming the ride
  • Enroll emergency contact to come handy in case of an emergency
  • Payment options like cash, credit/debit card and through online payment gateways
  • Instant push notifications for every process and intimation.
  • E-wallet feature which provides another efficient payment option.

So these are all the features which will be helpful for the end users and also there are other features present on it as same as all other leading apps in taxi business industry.

  • The tracking feature is available for users to track their ride vehicle arrival and that same can help drivers to navigate the user location on the map.
  • A driver can take part in the system only after his documents verified by the admin. Drivers can log in and submit their document using the internally available document submission feature.
  • And every driver will have own account where they have an individual section to view all their ride history and earning report.

So these are all the helpful features for the drivers. All the features present for both drivers and end users are placed on an attractively designed, eye catchy UI.

Final thought

Cabso, which is exclusively developed on MEAN stack technology and completely crafted on Javascript. And so it works at lightning speed and assures good reliability and efficiency. So avail this taxi-hailing app today and view your business live in minutes on the web and native ios and Android platforms.


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