Build An App Like WhatsApp For Endless Personalised Or Business Chats

Recently if you see the smartphone users usage statistics that are clearly suggesting that users are profound in using the messenger apps more than any social media apps. Facebook, Twitter, etc might connect their users commonly but the messaging apps have got their close circles whom they know about well. This app is not only efficient for only text messages but in this digital age it also expanded for media and location sharing too and also added seamless audio and video calling options.

build an app like whatsapp

So here is the readymade script, Hiddy for you to build an app like WhatsApp and start your online messenger business right away.


For what all the messenger apps can be effectively used?


Hiddy can match WhatsApp on features and also it has got some exclusive features like,

Favorite- a user can mark any chat conversation as favorite to make it stay on top forever over other conversations.

Channels- a user can create a channel to promote himself by posting some intriguing texts, videos and audios. Also can personalize their channel either as public or private. If public all Hiddy users can view the contents of your channel. If private only users to whom you have sent the invite link can view your channel contents.

Hiddy can be effectively used for

Personalised chat

Hiddy has got the right features for the effective one on one chats. Two users can send endless text messages, share media, make video and audio calls. So this brings the circles even closer.

Also, any user can form a group by adding his friends to it and can converse in it which will be visible to all in the group. A person who started that will be the admin of that group where he can add or remove the members from it. Also, admin can select multiple users on that group and can make them as admins of the group.

Pipeline chat

Companies can leverage the use of the chat apps to pipeline the conversation within their organization. Any message passed over the organization will effectively reach to all their employees when shared through the group on this chat.

Business chat

Any business can make their business account and can enroll all their identity on their profile. Can provide the WhatsApp number over their profile for client contact. And can chat with clients either through the text or audio or video call efficiently.

Final thought

So when you are planning to build an app like WhatsApp there can’t be a better solution than Hiddy on the market. So avail it today and set up your online business with messenger app right away.


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