Reasons for why online dating service is so popular?

“Social” dating apps in the name itself suggest connecting peoples through some algorithm. But what’s the difference here is it is making connections according to the user preference and not just randomly through acceptance as on social media. So the online dating service is highly rated and preferred than any other social media apps.

online dating service - howzu

Each people may have some different interest/preference and so many dating apps have arisen with different matchmaking techniques like music, places visited, foodies, location-based, etc. So compared to the social media on dating apps it users are feeling really connected to one another.

Intriguing features

  • Effortless login – Signing up and then account verification, then login may take more time. So recent developments have brought in social media API which helps the users to log in through their existing social media account.
  • Liberal profile setup – Every user will get to see the images of the other users if they like then they will swipe right for like. Here the various filters while uploading their profile photo helps the users. And then the profile setup where the user can add his personal information.
  • Preference setup – Dating apps are mainly for finding the right match or to find some good friends. So for that, a user can set his preference and will receive suggestions based on that.
  • Location-based search – Users can set the boundary in distance for their match search.
  • Revert previous activity- Users can be able to ban or rewind the last swipe if they have accidentally made a swipe in the wrong direction.

These are all the features which guides for finding the match, features which help in after getting a match are,

  • Instant chat with images – Text chat window with the instant image sharing option.
  • Video and audio call – Users can make a seamless video call and unlimited audio call to their match.
  • Self-destructible chat window – Users can clear the chat history by themselves on both ends.
  • Keyboard emojis – This brings the fun factor in the chat and lets the users express their thoughts in a fun manner.

In this era, peoples are not just staying/hiding just inside their circles they are loving to come out and express themselves. In order to increase their friends circle or to find the right match for their life, they are actively taking part in the online dating system. The boom in usage of mobile now leading brands sensed the opportunity arose with an app which rightly met user expectations with the kind of features. This is the reason dating apps are so popular among this generation.

Set up your own dating platform

It is evident that people in this generation are readily accepting and taking part in this kind of app. So build your own dating app using our dating website software- Howzu. It has got all the above mentioned intriguing features also with the reliable revenue generation features. So avail it, customize it as per your wish and start your business right away.


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