5 great ways to use live streaming to grow your business


Have you ever thought of telling your brand’s story using live streaming?

Real-time content drives your audience crazy and builds more trust than any other form of media – report.

It seems a wise move to live stream but most importantly try to plan your content before you go live. Live streaming is being one among a rapidly growing audience capturing mode in the past few years. Grab this highly engaging social form of attraction with 6 great ways to grow your business.

5 great ways to use live streaming to grow your business

#1. Show your customers how their product or service is crafted

AKA., behind scenes. Don’t restrict your customers in your reception, instead tour them your whole workplace. Show them what you do, what your employees do. Show your brand’s faces, communicate with them, share them your joy of finding solutions for your customers.

The biggest advancement for your business is finding strangers and building relationships that create trust, you’ll then drive revenue from the trust you’ve earned. Once a month, go live and engage your customers.

#2. Host a Q&A

You might have been in the industry for like decades, what if your new clients find you inaccessible. You could have an FAQ, do you know how effective it is answering your client’s current problems?

Don’t worry, pick some of the questions widely asked by your customers and make a record of it. Host a Q&A session and make announcements in all possible ways your customers are available. Now address their needs, this makes them feel heard and close to your brand. You’ll also receive a real-time response, which is the most credible resource for the customer.

#3. Podcast live events:

Broadcast any special events your online community feels passionate about. Any celebrity endorsement, influencer shows, anything that makes history. Something close like New York Life hosting Mom vs Chef in Buzzfeed.

#4. Share breaking and current news:

Heard about social CEO’s?

If not, time to learn. Asking your CEO to share your companies big step using live streaming can generate impacting results comparing with a tailor made a press release. Don’t pressure your top notch instead request them to share some quick bites your company is working on.

#5. Organize interviews

Live streaming creates engagement on a different level which many of your online posts fails, and moreover, you’ll able to study your audience behavior within moments on being live. Live streaming fans love authenticity and if you’re able to do this for them, you’ll win hearts and create many brand advocates.

Live streaming is not just social media trend to be ignored by businesses. This is a way to cherish your online relationship with your customers, grab this chance and never let go of it.

Bridge the gap between your customers and you on a deeper and more personal level using live streaming.

Get in touch with people who will provide solutions for you 🙂


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