Secure Instant Messaging App With Some Exclusive Features

Messaging apps have almost become a miscellaneous one on every smartphone. This app has grabbed the importance equal to conversing on carrier calls. Because instant messaging apps are providing its users with a fun-filled chat platform. Where the users can text chat and also can share audio messages, over the years it also added the seamless video and audio calls.  With the data plans have become friendly many are effectively using this app whenever they need to talk with someone who may be near to them or at abroad.

hiddy(1)online friendly chat app.gif

The pros of Instant messaging apps

  • Messaging apps in the sense, it should be only for text messaging services. But the online apps for text messaging have no limits for messaging compared to message limit on carriers.
  • If someone needs to share something little long and feel it may take more time to type the text for that then she/he can make use of the audio message button. Just long press the mic symbol at the bottom right of the screen, speak your message, release, and tap on the share button to send.
  • The calls to abroad may cost huge on carriers but using the chat app a user make a call an international call from anywhere just using his mobile data.
  • The other intriguing addition on the chat apps are the video calls just using mobile data. Wherever your buddies might be you all can just connect with them live through the video call.

New additions

  • So every chat app will have the above-mentioned pros but a recently introduced one of the best instant messaging app – Hiddy has got something beyond those.
  • If you think you have got some unique talent and love to exhibit it in public or to your friend’s circle then you can do it effortlessly by starting a channel for yourself. And upon your interest, you can make that channel either public or private. If public all users of Hiddy can view every post in your channel and if private only users who have got your invitation link can view your channel contents.
  • And if you are frequently texting someone and that user is very close to you then mark that chat as favorite. Then irrespective of the new messages received from the multiple chats, the chat you marked as a favorite will stay on top.

Final thought

Hiddy is the best one for a personalized chat, business collaborations, and dissemination. Demo it to view how your business will look like before buying it. And if you have got any different ideas or integrating this app into your any existing business then it can also be efficiently done with the customization option. So avail it today and accomplish your ideas successfully.


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