Explicit Tinder Clone Script With The User-Friendly Features

Till date, the two major user connecting apps are social media apps and social features integrated dating apps. So a user on any one of these apps would have provided all his information there on his profile from email id to his interests and all. And the users will freely chat with their loved ones using this platform. Users will have utmost concern over the security of the chats and their personal info. So while you build your dating app build it with a secure Tinder clone script and that will assure your users the much-demanded security.

UI with User-friendly features

After the users feel assured for their data security then they will take a straight look at the features list. So it is a foregone conclusion that kind of features decide the success of any online business and its foremost in online dating business.

A social app for finding the right match will require the features like,

Easy login with existing social media (Facebook) account. This can also account for match suggestion from the mutual friends.

Profile setup- add personal information, upload pictures, partner preference setup, contacts lists.

This is the setup process and then the real process begins here the major features will come into play.

Location-based search- Users can limit the distance or can draw a boundary from where they like to seek their match.

Unlimited right swipes- Swipes on Tinder was taken well by people i.e Mutual right swipes is a match and swipe left to view next profile from match suggestions. So users should be provided with the unlimited right swipes to show how much they like that person on that profile.

Ban or rewind last swipe- Some users may unknowingly swipe right to anyone profile so they can revert it back with rewind last swipe.

Instant chat with images- On a match, both users should be able to connect with one another on a chat window and that can have the image share option on mutual interest.

Audio and video chat- Apart from text chat it should also have the audio and video chat to enhance the interaction.

Delete chat history/Unfriend option- Chat window should be self-destructible and should have unfriend option to help users stay away from any of their annoying dates.

So these are the features which can really guarantee the users with the best UX.

Readily available dating script

Howzu is the readily available tinder clone script which has got all the above-mentioned features and also has the customization option. So you can mold this script available on native mobile apps as per your wish and start your business right away.

As it is a clone of Tinder, it generates revenue from the,

Premium account subscriptions- Users subscribing to the premium version.

Ad banners- Users can make use of Ad banners and can promote their products commercially with the permission of admin.

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