Promote Yourself And Claim For Popularity Using The Live Video Streaming App

A leading Live video streaming app- Periscope has captivated some healthy millions of users within four months of its release. It wasn’t a surprise because it was like peoples were waiting for this one app for years.

Like Periscope there also many leading video content apps prevail on the market all with a good amount of user base.

Promote Yourself And Claim For Popularity Using The Live Video Streaming App

What makes users fall for live streaming apps?

Recently for every purpose, the online apps are getting developed. But only a few are serving the multi-purpose. One of those is our live streaming app script – Livza also the perfect clone of Periscope app.

Let’s see about what is present in this app for the user likings, and let’s move with some instances

Take an instance, when someone is planning to buy a car but he/she doesn’t have time to visit the showroom to know about any car in detail. So there users can take their mobile phones get into this app and search for any review/specs video for that car. And so the peoples can get the first information for anything through this app. So this app educates well.

On another instance, someone needs a help in fixing a laptop which was disassembled. Then he/she may search for the appropriate videos and can fix it in minutes. So the explainer videos come handy here. So it lets people explain their expertise.

And the final instance, When someone is feeling bored or having an off day without any work. Then this app has got space for some entertaining videos too. So they can watch those and can have a good time. So it entertains too.

So using Livza, users can label them as the best entertainers/educators/explainers.

Features list

So to assist in all these it requires some eminent features. Those are,

  • Live streaming and broadcasting- Helps users in persistent live streaming on HD quality and unlimited broadcast to the followers.
  • Live feed- To view the latest uploaded and trending videos and which videos have got more view counts and likes.
  • My profile- To set up interest and boost the popularity.
  • Search and follow- if you like posts of any one user. Just search and follow them to view all their uploads.

Other than this, users can easy signup and login using this existing Facebook or Google account and can also know about all users followers activity with user activity/notification feature.

Start your live streaming business today

So avail our readymade live video streaming app script – Livza and list your requirements for molding it as per your wish with customization option. We will get it done perfectly and so can you can view your business live on the native mobile apps in a matter of time.




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