Pick Your Preferred Vehicle For Rides With Taxi Booking App Script

Taxi booking apps have paved the easy way for peoples on local commutation. It is automated in its purpose and whenever a person is in need for a taxi he/she just need to take out the smartphone open the app for taxi booking and can book for rides on their preferred type of vehicle instantly. It has completely eradicated the need to wait on the roadside to avail a taxi for passengers. And for drivers, they no more need to demand to the passengers for availing a ride in their vehicle. Every day more or less many will need a taxi and drivers on all days will wait for ride offers for their earnings. So this business can continuously generate good revenue. So build your own taxi booking platform using Appkodes vehicle booking app script and earn big from it.

cabso 1.jpg

Ride according to your preference

Peoples at all time won’t require a taxi, but when they need they will look for their most comfortable one. So on that aspect, Appkodes app for taxi booking business is a taxi hailing app where users can pick their preferred vehicle from multi-variant available type, according to their comfort and need.

Some may love to schedule their plans and in the same way will plan for scheduling a taxi at their preferred time. So for those, this script has got the ride now/ride later feature. Where they can schedule for a later ride.


And for making payments all may not carry cash with them. So this script has got multiple payment options like wallet options, payment through credit/debit cards, online payment gateway.

Know your rides better

While booking a ride each time users won’t prefer to manually enter their present location instead will expect to track their location on GPS. So it has an auto location feature. And booking the rides this features will help to track the ride vehicle in real time.

Before confirming for booking the ride users can know about the fare for the rides with fare estimation feature.

And if users want to travel to the same location they booked for the previous ride then they can look at their ride history page and can effortlessly book their rides. Users can look at the complete history of all their previous availed rides there on that page.

And also this script has social media API for easy signup and login and invites for earning credits from every successful referral.

Driver benefiting features

Live navigation to help on unknown routes and location

Earning reports and ride history to know their earnings from each ride.

Internal document submission feature to easily submit the documents for admin verification.

In case of emergency for contacts, it has got an emergency/SOS contact enrollment feature on both the driver and end-user side.

End thought

Appkodes vehicle booking app script– Cabso is enriched with all requisite features to rightly meet the needs of users and it generates good revenue through the commission set up. Cabso can also be endlessly customized to mold the app as per your wish and requirements. So avail Cabso and get your taxi booking business live on the web, ios and android platforms in minutes.


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