Live Video Streaming App With Tempting Looks And Features

Televisions were irreplaceable for over a decade for watching favorite programs and live events. But after the arrival of live streaming apps the television became less significant, as these apps provided users a best platform to watch on demand videos on their convenient time. And also live stream any occasion or event just through their smartphone camera on HD clarity. So users are loving this app and almost spending a significant part of their day using this app. So live streaming apps can easily captivate the users. When there is a huge user base revenue generation isn’t a tough ask. So instantly start your live streaming business using Appkodes live video streaming app script and earn big through multiple revenue generation options.

Live Video Streaming App With Tempting Looks And Features

Platform for best reach and user popularity

Content in the form of videos are considered to be the best way to explain any matter. That may be either a news, technology hacks, tips, educative contents or any funny videos. So users are almost addicted to these kind of apps and relying heavily on it to get any expert tip for any of their need. So many individual users are promoting themselves on any domain or topic by posting frequent videos regarding their topic and claiming more followers for them.

This app having a huge user base providing an equal good opportunity for any product promotions. Whenever there is a huge people crowd if a product/brand is promoted over there then that could easily reach among many instantly. So products and brands are also relying on this platform to get instant reach.

Appkodes video streaming app script can effectively boost the user popularity and also can garner instant reach for the products.

Appkodes live streaming platform

For users to persistently live video stream, endlessly broadcast and be updated about trending videos, search for their favorite broadcasters and channels, this app app has got features like,

  • Social media API for easy login with existing google/facebook account.
  • Live streaming feature for users to persistently live stream using mobile cam on HD clarity.
  • Live broadcast for users to endlessly broadcast to their followers added with comment system.
  • Live feed to know the recent trending videos.
  • User activity/notification to know the recent activities of the followers and notifications for any like or comments for uploaded videos.
  • My profile for users to setup the profile the way they like and stake claim for own popularity
  • Search and follow for users to search and follow their favorite broadcasters and channels.

Revenue generation modules

In this business you can efficiently generate revenue through,

  • Pay Per View
  • Subscription based live streaming
  • Ad banners.

Final thought

So Appkodes Live video streaming app- Livza implicitly have everything for setting up a successful video streaming business. And if you have any different ideas to implement on your business this app can be easily customized for it to inlay all your ideas. So avail Livza and view your business in matter of time even with all your customized requirements.


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