Track your Orders Instantly Using Food Delivery App

All the prevailing food order and delivery apps are providing the users a simple and easy way on their very essential need. But what some are failing is, delivering the orders on time, not mentioning the item available time and limiting the delivery areas. This is leaving the users on some part of the same city disappointed on their needful times. But with Appkodes Food delivery app script you can help users in every way, made orderings and listing simple and easier, and have efficient revenue generation features.


Default features on this script


This script has three different feature modules, each one for end users, restaurateurs and admin respectively. So this script has got all features from end to end to fulfill all the needs of the users.


Feature module for end users


  • For end-users it has got features like


  • Easy sign in and setup default delivery address
  • Search and find a nearby restaurant
  • Easy menu add up button for adding items from the menu for orders.
  • Order check out the page to avail offer with coupons
  • Multiple payment options for payments
  • Track and manage orders until it gets delivered.
  • Restaurant delivery time for their orders.
  • Shop/items available time to get complete knowledge about that restaurant.


  • Feature module for restaurateurs

The Appkodes script for online food ordering business is not supportive for end users. It has also many features for boosting the sales of thriving restaurateurs.

For them, it has got features like

  • Easy signup and login
  • Setup the restaurant profile in their preferred way
  • Efficient order management with streamlined system
  • Add items and categories as per their wish
  • Add and manage coupons that are available on their dashboard, to make use of it as per their wish.
  • Create and manage store offers on orders as they wish.

These features of this script added with its best business model can surely guarantee the user with the best UX and with handsome revenue.

Admin is the authority for,

  • Dashboard, email, template, meta tag management
  • Adding and managing the city
  • And admin can easily view all the operation from the dashboard.

And this script efficiently generates revenue through automatic price based commission deduction module.

End thought

Food delivery app script is the complete solution for setting up a successful food ordering business. SmartEat also has customization option on multiple facets to assure you a unique look among the same crowd. So if you are with ideas for starting your food ordering business, get it instantly done with SmartEat on the web, ios, and Android apps.


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