Develop Enrich Mobile Apps with Taxi App Script

The online taxi booking business is never let down business as the demands are high at all times. Peoples are heavily relying on online taxi bookings apps to avail hassle free and secure rides. And the other user, drivers are relying on it for frequent ride offers. So both these users are finding the taxi booking apps as a miscellaneous one on their plans. This has made the stakes higher and entrepreneurs are fast inclining towards this business. So start your online taxi booking business instantly by owning Appkodes Taxi app script.

cabso enriche mob app

Easy on eye features

Appkodes script for online taxi booking business has two feature modules one is for the end users and the other is for the drivers. And features are placed easily on the eye for users on an attractive UI. These readily available features will be helpful for users on every aspect. These features can be removed or any other features can also be integrated on it as per your wish with the customization option.

Developed in an unconventional way

Mostly all the readymade scripts available on market are developed using PHP. But Appkodes have chosen the unconventional way and have developed their taxi booking app using MEAN stack technology. So this script can assure lightning speed, good efficiency, and reliability.

Revenue generation module

You are owning a creative platform and letting user drivers make their money. So from every successful ride, you can deduct your commission from the driver/owner of the taxi. This is the default revenue generation module present on this script. And with customization option for you have any other ideas for revenue generation it can also be integrated with it to maximize your profits.

Admin panel for easy management

Admin panel on this script provides an easy window for admin to easily oversee all the operations taking place on the website. From there admin can manage the number of users, the total number of registered taxis in the system, can customize the looks and info provided on the homepage, view recent users. And also it can generate the report for the specified period for the total rides, profit earned on that specific period and frequent users. So the admin panel on this script makes the life easy for the entrepreneurs where they can gather every piece of information.

End thought

Appkodes’s Taxi App Script– Cabso is a complete and well-rounded solution which can efficiently turn even a simple idea for online taxi booking business into an effective revenue generating business. So if you are in ideas for starting a taxi booking business avail Cabso and get it done instantly on the web, native ios, Android apps.


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