Live Streaming Software With User Popularity Aiding Features

In this fun-loving world, whenever peoples sense an opportunity to share some of their best moments or some intriguing events they are watching live, they had no options for it. But once the live video streaming apps arrived on the scene, it has made the world look smaller. Any user can share his thoughts on any field it may be something educative, informative and entertaining. Those videos can be accessed by users on part of the world. So it provides users with a global platform for their self-promotion. Many users have started their own channel and broadcasting user liking videos and making good money. Users are loving this commercial platform and you too can effortlessly build that using Appkodes’s Live streaming software.

Live Broadcasting Script With User Popularity Aiding Features.jpg

As users prefer

Users are not fixed to only live stream and broadcast or only to watch on-demand online videos. This script from Appkodes lets users watch all their preferred online videos. Also if any user feels they have something worth to share among their followers they can do it anytime just through their mobile cams at HD video output.

So this script lets users to persistently live stream and unlimitedly broadcast the videos on HD quality.

Users self-promotion

Every individual user will have different likings and interests. Some may be good at entertaining and some may be proficient in technology and so provide their useful thoughts based on their proficiency. While general users search for their queries they may get many results upon their display. But they will only click on videos who have posted more useful videos on regular basis. So the users can pick their interests and can promote themselves through posting many videos in their interested field and can easily garner followers to them.

Requisite features

For all these, it requires quality interface with efficient features. Appkodes Live streaming software by default has got all the features like,

  • Live streaming- For persistent live streaming without technical issues.
  • Live broadcasting-  Users can endlessly broadcast videos to their followers. Also, it has got comment system on it for users to voice their thoughts on that video.
  • Live feed- For users to get updates and view the recently posted videos.
  • User activity/notification- An user will get notified upon any new video posted or any recent activity carried out by the followers.
  • Social login- Users can easily login using their existing social media account.
  • My profile- User can set their individual profile they way they like. This will help them in their popularity.
  • Search- Users can search for their favorite broadcaster and can follow them.

Money making modules

In this live streaming business, you can make money efficiently through the ways like,

  • Pay Per View- Pay and view the live events broadcasted on your app for users.
  • Subscription-based live streaming- Access to watch live videos only for users who have subscribed to paid subscriptions.
  • Ad banners- For users to commercially promote their products.

End thought

Appkodes Live streaming software – Livza is the best readily available script on market studded with all requisite features, which guarantees best UX and good revenue. So avail Livza and view your business go live in minutes on bug-free and secure native ios and Android app.


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