Multi Restaurant Food Ordering Script For Online Food Ordering Business

Peoples have fast gelled to online apps to fulfill their needs but they are only loyal to the apps where they get more options on the search for their needs. So even entrepreneurs are preferring for a marketplace app where they could provide more options according to their user likings. For food orderings, earlier peoples were doing it through making a call to their preferred restaurant and place their orders to get delivered to their doorstep. The same on online if users will expect their favorite restaurants. Each user may prefer different restaurants. So building a marketplace app for online food ordering using Appkodes’s multi-restaurant food ordering script can efficiently meet the user demands for more options at a single place.

smarteat multi restaurant orderiing scr.png

Script with efficient features on native ios and Android app


Online food ordering apps are making life easier for both end users and the restaurateurs. But not all, only apps having efficient demand meeting features.


So when opting for Appkodes’s script for your online food ordering business, you will instantly get an app on the web, native ios, android platforms for your business.

Appkodes’s script on all platform by default comes with features like,

For users,

Easy signup and set up their default delivery address

Location-based restaurant search.

Easy menu add up button

Order check out pages with if any coupons to avail.

Order summary page.


For restaurateurs,


Easy signup, login and manage restaurant profile

Efficient order management

Add items and categories as per wish

Create and manage coupons and store offers

Also, it has features like

Shop/item available & delivery time

Review and delivery areas

To greatly help users on every aspect.

For admin,

An admin/owner of the website can oversee all the operations from the dashboard. And can easily manage static page looks, meta tag description of the website, email, and templates on offer promotions.

Open source script with customization option

Added with all these features, if you have any identical ideas it can also be added to it. This script can be easily customized on,


  • Themes- Can be entirely changed on looks.
  • Modules- Feature modules can be integrated or removed as per your need.
  • Revenue generation module- By default, it has an automatic price based commission deduction module for revenue generation. Added to it as per your wish you can add any revenue generating modules to maximize your profits.
  • Integrations- This script can also be integrated into your e-commerce website if available.

Final thought

On availing Appkodes’s Multi restaurant food ordering script- SmartEat you can effortlessly start your online food ordering business instantly. SmartEat has got everything from user satisfying features to efficient revenue-generating features. So avail SmartEat and stand high among the similar crowd.


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