Readymade Taxi Booking Script To Effortlessly Start Taxi Booking Business

Online taxi booking business is on demand because peoples are fast acclimatizing to the online taxi bookings. The reason for peoples turning users of a taxi booking app is it is helping them at all their needful time with a reliable, on time and safe service. So every taxi booking app is easily garnering the huge number of users. So if you have ideas for starting an online taxi booking business turn it instantly into a profitable action using Appkodes’s readymade taxi booking script.


readymade clone script

Readymade script

A taxi booking app will benefit the user community and the drivers, through that it will generate good revenue the ride commission. For user and driver benefits, by default, this script has got all requisite features on its attractively designed UI. And with a reliable and efficient revenue generation from the ride commission feature. This script has got a good business model and all required features to support the model, So it is termed as a readymade script for online taxi booking business.

Identical Script developed with uncommon technology

All readily available scripts on markets are commonly developed on a PHP platform with SQL database. But Appkodes script is uncommonly developed using MEAN stack technology ( Mongo DB- Database, Express JS- HTTP server framework, Angular JS- front-end framework, Node JS- enables concurrent javascript environment helping in building pacy and scalable web applications). So this is the only readily available script that does not include PHP or SQL. MEAN stack technology has the advantage of isomorphic coding, and this script is completely crafted on Javascript which provides lightning speed performance, reliability, and good efficiency.

Users feature modules

User satisfaction is the main thing on any online business, a satisfied user will turn into a regular user of your app and so can help you on good revenue generation. For guaranteeing the users with the best UX it has got two separate features modules for users and drivers respectively.

For users, it has got features like more,

Ride now/Ride later

  • Wallet option
  • Multiple payment options
  • Instant notifications/Reviews
  • Auto location/Fare Estimation
  • SOS/Emergency contact
  • Ride history/Verified riders
  • Social login/Invite.

For drivers

  • Live navigation
  • Earning report/ride history
  • Document submission
  • SOS/Emergency contact.


End thought


So if you are planning to start an online taxi booking business as same as Uber all you need to do is opt for Appkodes readymade taxi booking business– CABSO. Cabso is readily available on the web, ios and Android platforms. So by availing CABSO you can view your business go live instantly and attractively on all platforms.


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