Build An User Friendly Food Ordering App Using Food Delivery Clone Script

Recently online users are relying on websites which are punctual and best for timely services. On online food ordering business, this is the main factor. Build a user attracting online food ordering website and deliver it ideally on user preferred time, become a reliable source for online food ordering on your city using Appkodes’s food delivery clone script.


User-friendly script

The success of an online business depends upon the how well the apps designed for the purpose meets the demands of its users. Appkodes’s script has right features on its attractive UI to effectively demands of online food ordering and listing.

It is entirely favorable for both end users and the restaurateurs. And it user-friendly features arehe

For end users

  • Users can easy login and set up their profile and default delivery address.
  • It has the location-based search option to help users find nearby restaurants or they can find restaurants by manually entering the location.
  • For users to pick up the items from the menu for ordering without hassles, it has got an easy add menu button.
  • A user can check out their orders on order summary page and can proceed for payments.
  • Users can manage their orders until it is delivered to them.
  • A user can know about the restaurant/item available time.
  • Users can pick up their delivery locations listed by the restaurants.

For restaurateurs

  • Every restaurateur can easy signup and login and can set up their profile.
  • Streamlined order management system to efficiently manage the orders.
  • At any time can easily add or manage items and categories.
  • As per wish, any restaurateur can add and manage coupons that will be available on their dashboard.
  • Restaurateurs are free to create and manage store offers.

These are all the features which users will expect primarily on any food ordering app. All these are pre-emptively present on this script, also it has customization option on multiple facets. So with Appkodes’s script, you can garner a huge number of users easily on your app.

Also, this script provides various authoritative features for the admin of the website like,

  • Admin can manage the email, templates, meta tag and static page.
  • Admin can manage the operations by easily garnering info about every process through the dashboard.
  • Site owner/Admin can earn through the automated price based commission deduction method.


End thought


Appkodes food delivery clone script– SmartEat is the ideal solution for the queries of how to instantly start an online food delivery business. So to instantly view your food delivery business ideas live on the web, ios, and Android apps, avail Appkodes’s SmartEat.


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