On Demand Taxi App To Easily Make Money On Online

Every online app is being designed and developed to fulfill the demands of anyone online community. In that case, the hassles of availing a taxi for peoples gave a good business idea,  Which brought the online taxi booking system. Ever since it entered online it is greatly helping two needful communities. One is, it has completely eradicated the end users hassles and discomfort on availing a taxi and the other is taxi drivers who are getting frequent ride offers by taking part in the system. Though giants are taking leap and bounds in this business still the demand prevails. So make use of Appkodes’s on-demand taxi app and start your business instantly, meet those demands and earn handsomely.

On Demand Taxi App To Easily Make Money On Online

Unconventionally best script

Usually, all readily available scripts will be developed using reliable PHP codes. But Appkodes’s script for online taxi booking business is developed unconventionally using MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angularjs, Node.js) technology.

The advantages of developing using this technology are,

  • Guarantees high speed and usability.
  • Open source platform so it can easily be customized as per wish.
  • Attractive and Quality interfaces.
  • Flexible structure.

Demand meeting script

This script from Appkodes have all features default on its attractive UI to rightly meet the demands of users.

It has separate feature modules, one is for the users and the other one is for the drivers.

The features on this script let users to

  • Book rides instantly or to ride later.
  • Wallet option to easily pay fares
  • Multiple payment options to pay the fare on their preferred way.
  • Beforehand knowledge about fares.
  • Emergency contact enrollment to come handy in case of emergency.
  • Auto location to track their booked rides.
  • Social login and invite to easy login and invite friends.
  • Instant notifications for booking confirmations, bills and reviews to share the experience.

The helpful features for drivers are,

  • Live navigation to help them on the unknown routes to rightly find their destination for pickups.
  • Earning reports to let them know about their earning per ride instantly.
  • Ride history to let know them about all their rides.
  • Inbuilt Document submission to help them easily take part in the system.

End thought

So the demand for taxi booking app is not going to down anytime soon and so nail your brand as a best one for taxi booking on your online community, by instantly starting your business using on-demand taxi booking app– Cabso by Appkodes. Cabso is customizable app readily available on web, ios and Android platforms to help you on full-fledged start for your business. And Cabso can efficiently generate revenue for you from ride commission.


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