Build an Best Shopping Website Using Online B2B Marketplace Software

There are plethora of softwares to easily guide needfuls on many aspects. One kind of that is Online B2B marketplace software to help entrepreneurs who are thriving to start an ecommerce business.

Reasons to prefer ecommerce business

The reasons entrepreneurs inclining towards ecommerce business are,

  • Almost every internet user have made it as their habit to shop online for their needs.
  • Online shopping websites is the one stop solution for all user needs.
  • Building a multi vendor platform will provide users with many options on their search and so can assure sales and reliable revenue generation.

So these are the main reason, which is attracting the entrepreneurs towards ecommerce business.

best shopping website b2b marketplace

Build your shopping website using Appkodes Ecommerce Script

Online shopping website should fulfill all the needs of users with best UX. So for users who like to sell or buy any products should be given with right kind of features on your website to assure best UX. Those all required features are readily available on Appkodes Multi vendor Script.

The Buyers and Sellers are the two kind of users on a shopping website. Fulfilling all their expectations and needs is the main thing for your success.

Buyers needs and expectations

Here is the list of buyers needs and expectations on an online shopping website and the features on Appkodes Script to fulfill their needs and expectations.

  • Buyers will expect more options to compare and select the best product- So Appkodes Script has multi vendor system on it.
  • Buyers will prefer to buy products on their preferred size, color, price, etc- So it has got has Advanced search filter.
  • Buyers will prefer to pay for their purchases on their own way- So it has got multiple payment options like credits, cash on delivery, Paypal, payment gateway and Braintree.
  • If buyers feel worth and comfortable buying any particular seller products, then they may like to follow that seller/brand products- So this script has got follow seller feature on it.
  • Buyers may love to surprise their lovable ones by sending them a surprise gift on their special occasions- So it has got group gift & gift cards to help buyers to pay for gifts on group sharing basis added with custom gift card.
  • Every shopping website provide users to refer the website to their friends on their social network and will provide them credit for every successful referrals- And so this script has also got Invite and credit features.

Seller’s needs and expectation

Buyers will expect more sales to earn good profit using online platform. So this script has got features like

  • Sellers will love for good space to describe detaily about their product- So it has got product detail feature on it, where buyers can also share, comment and post product selfie. This will increase the credibility of that particular seller products.
  • Seller’s will be happy to know about their sales, profit, orders and inventory then and there- So it has got individual merchant dashboard for every sellers.

Final thought

So Appkodes Online B2B Marketplace Software– Fantacy by default has got everything to satisfy the users. So it can generate good revenue through Seller basis commission and Ad banners. Also it can be customized according to your needs. Avail Fantacy to view your ecommerce business live on web, ios and android platforms.


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