Place Your Rentals On Rental Booking Platform Using Home Rental Script

When people had a thought instead of leaving their home idle on their time of vacation they can better make some money by leaving it for rent to the vacationers in their city. They have greatly benefitted by the emergence of online rental booking apps. There started this business and now it is one among the good revenue generating online business. AirBNB has opened the door and has set the benchmark for this business. AirBNB has turned as a template for entrepreneurs who are looking to start their online rental booking business. With the amount of success AirBNB has garnered in the rental booking business, it is wiser to opt for an AirBNB alike readily available clone scripts on market.

property owners

Appkodes’s rental booking script

Appkodes have a readily available home rental script to help entrepreneurs who are thriving to start a rental booking business. Appkodes’s script has got all requisite features on its attractive UI and clearly defined business model.

Features on Appkodes’s Script

This script can guarantee best UX for rental owners and rental seekers with the features like,

  • Instant/request booking- Guests (rental seekers) can book either directly by instant booking or through request booking, as defined by the hosts (rental owners) on their listings.
  • Reviews and Ratings- This feature is incorporated to increase the credibility which in turn brings more business. Guests can either post positive/negative reviews and rate the services for the particular hosts, which may prompt others guests.
  • Advanced Search/filter- Helps guests to land exactly on their specific need like rentals on the specific price, location, etc.
  • Map and Location-based search- Helps guests to view rentals as they move on the map and also guests can search rentals on their predefined locations.
  • Guest and Host reservations- Hosts and guests can directly interact with each other using integral messaging services. Hosts have complete authority to manage ( accept or reject) guest bookings.
  • Social Login, Invites and Messages- Both users can easily login using their existing social media account and can also invite their friends. Also, have an integral message system for the interaction between guests and hosts,

So these are some of many good features available on this Appkodes readily available script for online rental booking business.

This script can generate good revenue through the commission set up and have the customization feature on its multiple facets to easily mold it as per your wish.

End thought

There are many readily available scripts on market but all may not guarantee the success as Appkodes’s home rental script – Airfinch. Airfinch is not only limited for home rental business, it can also support any kind of online rental booking business, you prefer to do. Airfinch is readily available on Web, ios and Android platforms to instantly launch your business.

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