Best Among Lot Video Streaming Clone Script For Live Streaming Business

Mobile phones aren’t a miscellaneous one in day to day life. But it has been made as one because of many social media apps and mainly video streaming apps. These apps contains many intriguing features on it for liking of its users. So it has emerged and it is getting well accepted by its users without any debate. Even social media giant Facebook, when initially started didn’t have the video streaming feature on it, later they sensed the need for it and enabled it to compete against their rivals. So video streaming app can garner more number of users and so can generate more revenue, it can be effortlessly built with Appkodes’s video streaming clone script.

Livza businesss

Watch and let watch everything live

  • Live stream

People all around the world carry their mobile phone almost everywhere with them. This has been a huge boost for live streaming apps as it made the live streaming very simple. Appkodes’s script lets users to seamlessly live stream just from their mobile camera and need not worry about clarity when relayed on mobile cam, as it delivers the video on HD clarity. So this has completely eradicated the need to carry separate video cams for the live streaming.

  • Live feed

Also this script can let its users to watch on demand online videos on their preferred time. And also users can know about the latest in trend videos on online. Which can be easily viewed as a slideshow on the live feed.

  • Live broadcast

Users can endlessly broadcast their videos to any users within the application using the live broadcasting feature of this script. Also have comment system on it, which enables users to comment on other user videos.

So these three are the main features of this script that can surely guarantee the best UX.

Other attractive features

The other features which makes this script as a best one are,

  • Social login- Users don’t need a separate account for login, they can just signup and login using their existing social media account.
  • My profile- Which lets users to strongly present their case for popularity with setting up their profile on their own, preferred way.
  • Search- Users can search for their friends, their favorite broadcasters and can follow them.
  • User activity/Notifications- User can set the visibility privacy and users can instantly know about the recent activities carried out by the users and broadcasters they follow.

Ways to generate revenue

When compared to other online business, live streaming business have multiple ways to generate revenue, like

  • Pay Per View
  • Subscription Based Live Streaming
  • Ad Banners.

End thought

There can’t be a better solution for ideas of online live streaming business other than Appkodes’s video streaming clone script- Livza. It is readily available on an attractively designed, secure and bug free native ios and android platform. So avail Livza to turn your ideas instantly into a profitable action.


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