Educate & Entertain Users And Earn Easily With Video Streaming Script

Every Smartphone user loves to be part of anyone live streaming app. Such is the impact of live streaming apps among the internet users. The reason behind is, it is letting its users to watch all on demand online videos on their preferred time and helps users to share their events or moments just through their mobile camera. The emergence of these apps has drastically reduced the reliability to watch the live programs/events on television. So large number of online users is easily turning into users to these apps. And here Appkodes with their video streaming script is providing you an opportunity to setup an user enthralling  live streaming business and earn good revenue from it.Livza educate

Script to Educate, Explain and Entertain

Appkodes’s script gives equal space for users to educate, explain and entertain with its features.

It has got features like,

  • Live feed- This helps users to stay tuned with on trend videos on internet, posted by other users. Videos will be transitioning as a slideshow on each user live feed window.
  • Live streaming– If users have an extra ordinary mood or event and if they like to share it, then they can persistently live stream without any technical issues just from their mobile cameras.
  • Live broadcast-  Users have no set limit to broadcast and share the videos to followers within application. Also it has comment system for users to comment on others videos.
  • My profile- Every users can submit a strong case for popularity by setting up their profile on the way they prefer.
  • User activity/Notification- Every user will get notified about the every recent activities of users they follow and have the privacy option to adjust the profile visibility and activities.
  • Social login- Users can just login using their existing social media account,.
  • Search- Users can search for friends, any preferred channels or broadcaster inside the application and can follow them.

Ways to generate revenue

On online live streaming business, you can generate revenue on three efficient ways.

  • Subscription based live streaming- Give access to view live programs for only users who subscribed for paid subscriptions.
  • Pay Per view- You can charge users to view live events that is to be broadcasted on your website.
  • Ad banners- You can integrate the Google adsense and can promote any user product on website Ad banner for specific cost.

Final thoughts

There is no better solution than Appkodes’s video streaming clone script- Livza on market for the ideas of online live streaming business. By default it has got what all you need for your business and also it has customization feature on it to easy mold as per your wish. So avail it now to instantly view your business live on native ios and android platform.






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