User Alluring And Multiple Revenue Garnering Live Broadcasting Script

Live streaming apps have redefined the way of garnering the informations for internet users. Be it news, social infos, gossips, movie trailers, web series and also many educative videos are easily available to watch under many different categories on it. So it is enthralling mass of internet users to take part in anyone of the live streaming app that is considered to be the best on their online community. And so the giants in the industry like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon prime, etc have build their own live streaming app and is earning handsomely from it. Now, with the technology on hand, there is a clone app for every successful brands on market. One among the best clone app developers Appkodes is up with a best live broadcasting script to help entrepreneurs  who are thriving to setup their own live streaming business.

Livza broadcasting script

Comparably best script for live streaming business

Appkodes’s live streaming script is a complete solution on your need for best live streaming business platform. It is integrated with all necessary features on it to guarantee best UX.

Appkodes’s Script lures users with

  • An eye catching UI
  • Features for seamless live streaming and broadcasting
  • Live feed to view intrend online videos
  • Best platform to watch on demand online videos
  • Unique user profile setting
  • Search and follow favorite channels or broadcasters
  • Easy signup and login for users with their existing social media account.


This script has all good features on its UI, but if you have some other ideas it also can be easily implemented on it, as it has customization option on it.

This script can be easily customized on,

  • Themes- Defaultly it comes with an attractive theme and UI, but if you have different ideas then it can be easily altered as per your wish.
  • Modules- If you think adding or removing any modules can bring you more profit, then it can be easily done on it.
  • Integrations- Integration modules can be added, removed or customized as per your wish and on your demand.

Revenue generation features

Live streaming business can generate revenue on three ways, that is by,

  • Pay Per View- For users to view to live events on your app.
  • Ad banners- Promotion of users products on the Ad banners of the app.
  • Subscription based live streaming- Live streaming events for only users subscribed to the paid subscriptions.

Final thought

Appkodes’s live broadcasting script- Livza is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs who are with the idea for starting an online live streaming business. Because it has got every essential attributes on it and also readily available on attractive, secure and bug free ios and android platforms. So avail Livza to see view your ideas for business live.




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