Meet Demands And Earn Easy With On Demand Taxi App

Taxi booking for local commutation is one major, common needs of people in an urban and metropolitan city. So every people in those cities are the loyal users of any one of the best service providing taxi booking app available on their respective city. An app for taxi booking is considered to be the best one when it rightly meets the demands of its users. The users of taxi booking app are the drivers and the end users. The drivers will need passengers for the ride to make money and users will need to book a taxi to pick them up on their demanded time and at their demanded place. If you can meet these demands with your own on-demand taxi app, then you can earn easily from it.

cabso - online taxi business

Make money easily

Savvy internet users are influencing common peoples around them to use online apps for their every need. So peoples are fast turning to meet their every need on online. One of the most essential need of peoples now and then is availing a ride on the public taxi. So making this service available on online can hugely benefit its end users. And taxi drivers waiting for a long time but to no avail of passengers may ruin their day. But an online taxi booking app can help registered drivers on the system with frequent ride offers, to help them make money. So this way an online taxi booking app is meeting demands and also help you earn more money.

Appkodes’s taxi booking app

Appkodes has launched a readily available on demand taxi booking app- Cabso to help thriving entrepreneurs to easily earn money online. Cabso by default have all requisite features separately for drivers and end users on its best-designed UI to guarantee the best UX.

Cabso can meet the most essential needs of end users with the features like,

  • Ride now/later
  • Fare Estimator
  • Wallet option
  • Multiple payment options
  • Reviews and notifications
  • Ride history
  • SOS/Emergency contact.

………and much more

Cabso can best support the needs of drivers with features like

  • Live Navigation
  • Earning reports/Ride history
  • Document submission
  • SOS/Emergency contact.

Also, Cabso has the option of easy customization on it, to easily alter it as per your requirements.

Cabso can best generate for you revenue from the fixed or percentage wise commission on successfully completed rides.

Right end solution for easy earning

Taxi booking apps are on demand on the market, though many successful brands prevail. So investing in online taxi booking business can guarantee you rich dividends. So the best way to instantly start your online taxi booking business is availing an on-demand taxi app- Cabso by Appkodes. Cabso is readily available on all three platforms (Web, ios, android) to assure you the best reach. And also it is developed on the unconventional way to provide you with the lightning speed, an efficient and reliable platform for business. Just click below to know all details regarding this unconventionally best online taxi booking business platform.


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