Prolific Profit Assuring Accommodation Script For Online Rentals Business

Travelers/vacationers all around the world, their first step forward on planning their tour/vacation will be to look up for an online rental booking website. Online rental booking websites are not only providing its users with the best rental space to accommodate on their preferred destination, it also provides the idea about the other rental services available on that destination.

rental business

So it is assisting as a virtual guide for the guests, to avail the best rental spaces for accommodation and also providing the option to book other rental services around that destination. This online business can garner a huge revenue when it is done on a right platform. And the one best platform for online rental booking business is the Appkodes’s accommodation script.

Platform to connect guests and hosts

Online rental booking website and apps are not the only boons for guests (travelers/vacationers), it is advantageous for the hosts (rental owners) too. So every readily available script for online rentals business on market should possess an equitable platform to best connect the guests and hosts.

By default, Appkodes’s script for online rental booking business has many good features on its eye-catching UI, to set up the best platform.

Features of Appkodes’s accommodation script

Appkodes Script for online rental business is designed in such a way to benefit all involved on it, right from bottom to the top.

  • Instant/request booking – This feature enables guests either directly to book rentals without concern of host or book rental by requesting to the admin.
  • Social login/Message- Guests can easy signup and login using their ever-reliable online (social media) account and for inquiries guests can directly message to the hosts through the message window.
  • Map and Location-based search- Appkodes’s script is integrated with a map feature and guests can make use of it, to search for rentals as they move on the map or selecting a specific location.
  • Advanced search/filter- This feature enables guests to look out for rentals on their preferred type, specific price range, and amenities, etc.
  • Multiple currency/ currency converter- Appkodes’s script has multiple currencies on it to provide an opportunity for business in multiple countries. Admin can decide the default currency for listing and guests from different countries can make use of currency converter to convert the value for their currency.

These are some of many good features default present on the Appkodes’s accommodation script for online rental booking business. Still, there are many fascinating features are present on its UI.

Revenue generation feature

At least, once a year, most people will plan for a vacation and become users of rental booking app. And when they do bookings on that, then revenue for admin can be generated through,

Commission Set up- Admin can earn from fixed or percentage wise commission from the specific hosts for every booking made on your website.

Also, the other way to generate revenue is,

Property Listing fee- You have built a creative for online rental bookings so you can charge a specific amount from every host to list their spaces on your platform.

End thought

Earn prolifically just by owning an accommodation rental script– Airfinch by Appkodes. Appkodes’s script for rental bookings is readily available with the web, native ios, and Android app. Also, it can be easily customized for any online rental booking business, you prefer. So avail this best script on market, to see your ideas for business live!.

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