Online Taxi Booking Script For a Successful Taxi Booking Business

Availing rides on a public taxi are in high demand, if not in small cities but surely in metropolitan cities. Brands like Uber and Lyft etc saw the rising demand and have built their own, perfect platform for online taxi bookings. Which has made the public commutation easy for its end users and the drivers on it are easily getting passengers, without demanding for rides? Now you too can easily own an equal benefiting taxi booking business as same as Uber with an online taxi booking script.

taxi booking script sucessful

Unconventional, Advanced Script

Usually, all clone scripts are developed on a PHP platform, because it is one reliable platform with well-known characteristics for developers.

Get your hands on business with a script, that is developed with a cutting-edge technology and the technology that is going to be at helm sooner in the market. So your taxi booking business app, when it is developed with a MEAN stack technology, then your brand for business will be the one latest thing in the market.

Appkodes’s script for online taxi booking business is completely crafted on this MEAN stack technology.

Advantages of developing on MEAN stack technology

MEAN stack is said to be the cutting edge technology, because of its characteristics, like

  • High flexibility- Flexible on the development of a database, unlike- MySql it doesn’t require tables, it can be easily done by adding forms.
  • Single domain coding and so its Cost effective- MEAn stack technology codings are completely done on Javascript from client end to the server end. So it will reduce the cost of hiring multi-language proficient developers to develop your app.
  • Speed and reliability- Developing on MEAN stack technology provide high speed and reliable website and apps for business.

And there are much more technical advantages on development with a MEAN stack technology.

Uber clone script- Developed on MEAN stack

So, Appkodes’s uber clone, online taxi booking script is the one advanced, readily available script in the market for the taxi booking business.

With proven as an advanced one, it also has a good, tested business model and best features separately for both users on it.

Features present default on this script are,

For users

  • Ride now/Ride later.
  • Wallet option.
  • Multiple payment option.
  • Fare estimation/Auto location.
  • Instant notification/reviews.
  • Ride history/verified riders.
  • Social login/Invite.
  • SOS/Emergency Contact.

For drivers

  • Live navigation.
  • Earning reports/ ride history.
  • Document submission.
  • SOS/Emergency contact.

End thought

So, if you are with a desire to start an online taxi booking business, there is no better and advanced solution than Appkodes’s online taxi booking script- Cabso. Cabso can be easily customized on its multiple facets to provide you the looks and design as per your wish. So avail Cabso from Appkodes to view your online taxi booking business go live instantly on the web, ios, and Android platforms.

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