Worth On Invest Food Delivery App Script For Food Ordering Business

Delivering food on orders either at the doorstep or to take away by the restaurants for an order made through a mediator or by telephone calls was considered to be a sound idea. This idea took the sales of the restaurants a step above the rest. When this idea lagged efficiency, there rose an idea to do it on online. Online food ordering business gave restaurants a big boost for sales and provided a very easy way for food ordering for its end users. So many restaurants and end users are craving to take part in the best food ordering app. So, it is arising a demand to build the best food ordering app to connect both ends ( end users and restaurants) and that can be rightly done by a food delivery app script by Appkodes.

SmartEat worth on business

Flow for food listing and ordering on Appkodes’s script

  • First, both end user and a restaurateur have to register, to take part in the system.
  • Each restaurant can list their menus for orderings once getting an approval from the admin.
  • End users can find restaurants as per their wish from the list of multiple restaurants.
  • Then an end user can add the foods for order from the menu list of that restaurant.
  • Once an order is placed an end user can pay for it through multiple payment options.
  • Upon order request, a restaurateur will be notified and will prepare it to deliver either at the doorstep or take away.

Role of authority- Admin

Appkodes’s script for food ordering provides admin of the site with various authoritative features, like

  • Only upon admin approval, a restaurateur can list his menu on the website.
  • Admin will collect the payment on successful food delivery and can deduct his commission for it.
  • Only after deducting his commission for orders, then admin can send money to the respective restaurateur.
  • Admin can easily view and manage all operations from the dashboard on the website.
  • Also, admin can easily manage the looks of a static page and meta tags, emails, and templates.
  • Admin can also add and manage cities in a quest for expanding the business.

Best platform for business

Appkodes’s food delivery script– SmartEat is the best marketplace system for multiple restaurants and making food ordering easier with its default features, also have easy customization feature on it. SmartEat is readily available on a secured and a bug-free web, ios, and Android platforms. So SmartEat can help you gain, quick reach, good revenue and can provide the best recognition for your brand in the market.


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