Multiple Revenue Generation Methods in Video Streaming Clone Script

An online business always has a higher possibility of generating you more revenue than an offline/physical market business. When it comes to online business with a video streaming clone script, it can surely make you one among the successful entrepreneurs. It has the highest possibility of success than any other online business prevailing in the market.

video streaming website

How this script makes more money?

This script is providing its users with a platform to share their own videos online and watch on-demand online tv shows, programs, trailers of the movie, online events, and some useful informative videos. If the internet users can get all videos they would like to watch in a single place than they search for each video in a search engine, users will always prefer to go with former one. So this way the online video streaming app is having a large user base.

Viewing the increase in the user base f this script many interesting web series is being broadcasted in this video streaming script than preferring a TV. So users here are finding on-demand online videos and also some interesting web series to watch.

When there is a huge number of peoples gathering at a single place then there is an opportunity for marketing any products through Ad banners. This would get quick reach among their target audience. With this script having a large number of users in it, which is a right place for marketing any products online.

Live streaming script by Appkodes

Livza is the video streaming clone script by Appkodes. Livza has every requisite feature to bring more revenue in your online video streaming business.

Revenue generation methods of Livza

Subscription-based live streaming

In Livza you can have multiple channels for broadcasting their videos. If any user finds a channel and its content a worth to watch, then he can subscribe for videos from that channel using the subscription option. Initially, for a month or so every channel may give its subscribed viewers a free service, later they can charge a little amount from their viewers to continue watching videos from their channel. If your audience invests more in these channels you could get a steady cash flow.

Pay Per View

Livza provides you a simple and direct way of bringing some money, that is by charging your users a simple pay per view fee for accessing your live stream.

AD banners

You can make space for your users to promote their products online with AD banners in your app. This provides you with an additional way of generating revenue by charging your users a particular amount for using the service of Ad banners in the promotion of their products.

Livza app can make you earn money through these ways and it is readily available on platforms (web, ios, android). Livza is a user-friendly app, also have an attractive design, powerful performance, secure and a bug-free script for your online video streaming business. Livza can be easily customized as per your wish. Livza can turn your every idea for online video streaming business into a good revenue generating business. So now it’s just matter of time with Livza to see your business go live.

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