Ideal Rental Script To Instantly Transform Your Ideas Of Online Rental Booking Business Into Reality

It is an era, where technology is evolving at its best. So you will get a better alternative if you couldn’t end up with what you wished for. In that case, if you are having an idea to start an online rental booking business and struggling to find the best solution, then surely this one is for you. Appkodes have the best readily available solution in the market for the online rental booking business.

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Online rental bookings websites are fast becoming the first destination for any travelers/vacationers all around the world. Though many are successful with this idea, still there is a huge space for grabs. So it is providing an open opportunity for all entrepreneurs and startups to fast grab those open spots.

So you should start your business immediately to occupy the best seat in the industry for online rental booking business. There are many readily available scripts for online rental booking business prevail on the market to inlay all your ideas on it and start your business immediately. But every script in the market cannot assure you the success and provide a solution for reliable revenue generation as the rental script from Appkodes.

Appkodes’s script for online rental booking business

Airbnb app is the most well versed among all travelers/vacationers, all around the world. Appkodes can help you help to own a business as same as Airbnb with their rental script- Airfinch.

Business flow on airfinch to best generate revenue for you is,

  • Both users ( rental seekers and rental property owners) have to register with your app.
  • Then after the approval from an admin, property owners can list their spaces for rent on the website.
  • End users (rental seekers) can choose a space to book for rent from the list on the website and either book instantly or can send a request to book to the host.
  • The host will then receive the booking request and can either accept/decline the bookings.
  • Once the booking is accepted by the hosts, then the end user pay for it through multiple payment options.
  • Those payments from the end users will be received by the admin.
  • Admin will deduct his commission for bookings and then will send the amount to that particular host.

Airfinch app by default has the best UI to support the process flow and provide best UX.

Revenue generation features of Airfinch

Commission on each booking

Airfinch can generate revenue for you through the fixed or percentage wise commission on each booking made on your website.

Also, Airfinch can be endlessly customized to meet all your demands for business. With that, you can also include another revenue generation option.

Property listing fee

You can charge each property owners a particular amount to list their properties on your creative platform.

Just click below to see your dreams and ideas for business, live

Rental script- Airfinch by Appkodes is a best and readily available solution in the market for the ideas of online rental bookings. So, opting this script from Appkodes will be the right step forward on your business and in turn, this can guarantee you a successful career in the industry.

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