Online Taxi Booking Software Helps You To Instantly Start Your Online Business

Online taxi booking is greatly connecting and benefitting users on both ends. So many entrepreneurs are craving to start an online taxi booking business. This business idea has swiftly transformed into a successful one with good and reliable revenue generation option. So in your quest for immediately starting an online taxi booking business, you can avail the readily available online taxi booking software.

Why taxi bookings apps are most preferred by its users?

As said before taxi booking apps provide a win-win situation for all involved in it.

  • For end users, it is providing a hassle-free local commutation just by booking their rides through online.
  • For drivers, they no more need to demand guests to take a ride in their taxi.
  • For admin, it provides a stress-free business with reliable revenue generation.

Ideal solution for online taxi booking business

Appkodes have the ideal solution for your ideas of online taxi booking business. Cabso app by Appkodes, which is a readily available online taxi booking software can enable you to start your taxi booking business instantly. Cabso app has a clear business model and all requisite features on UI to make your brand a recognized and a successful one in the industry.

Cabso and its pre-emptive features for success

Cabso default have all requisite features to make your brand as one reliable option for taxi booking on your city.

Cabso can help your users with features like,

Book rides according to your plans

Cabso app helps its users either to book rides instantly with the ride now feature or can reserve a ride with ride later feature.

Avail rides at their doorstep

The end users who are looking to book rides can avail a ride with doorstep pickup and drop at an exact location with easy set up a pickup and drop location.

No bargain on prices

Cabso has the feature of fare estimator to let know its user the exact price for a ride for, before confirmation for booking. And once the ride is successfully completed, it will raise the bill for the exact amount to be paid to the driver on the app.

Pay on a convenient way

Cabso have the multiple payment options for its end users to make their fare payments. Payments can be made through cash, credit, wallet and payment gateway.

Be informed about all actions on your ride booking

Cabso will notify your users on confirmed ride bookings and notifies that particular driver. Also lets that particular end user to know their status of booking with instant notifications.

Know your ride history and avail secure rides

Cabso has the feature of ride history to let its end users know about their previous availed rides. Cabso app also provides secured rides for its end user with the feature of OTP verification with a driver.

Earn credits from invites

Cabso enables end users to easily log in with their social account and invites their friends on social network. An end user can earn credit points, which can be used for a discount of price on future rides upon every successful referral.

Easy submission of documents

Drivers can easily login to the app and have the document submission feature within the app to easily submit their documents for verification.

Location experts

Cabso can make your drivers a location experts with the feature of live navigation, to help with their ride pick-ups.

Know your ride history and earnings

Every driver will take part in the online taxi booking app aiming to get frequent rides and more earnings. Driver users on Cabso can easily view their rides history and their earnings from it on the earning reports/ride history feature.

Final thoughts

Appkodes’s online taxi booking software– Cabso is readily available with a secure and bug-free web, native ios and android apps. Cabso is crafted on Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node.js ( MEAN stack technology) to provide you a lightning fast and reliable website for your business. Cabso is an ideal solution for your business idea, so avail Cabso now to view your ideas live.

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