Latest Updates on Tinder; The future updates of Tinder clone app

Tinder app since its inception on 2012, has brought with itself a new way of keeping people engaged in the social platform. Tinder app developers foresaw the interest of internet users and came up with a right solution for it and made it as one among great online business. And are not leaving any stones unturned in the world of online dating. The success of Tinder app in the industry of online dating business has made the aspiring entrepreneurs to look out for a Tinder clone app.

Tinder app has got many crowd pulling features on it and which has revolutionised in connecting its users irrespective of their place and their time. Now developers of Tinder app is planning to lay a new path on their journey with an update.

Tinder app clone

Update on Tinder

Tinder app has gained a huge popularity among its target audience and experiencing  billions of swipes per day on it. Now Tinder is planning to update and empower its women users with a great option on it.

Currently,Tinder app allows to chat between the mutually right swiped users, on future update Tinder is on idea to empower its women users with an option to initiate the conversation with future matches.

This update will allow its women users to decide with whom they want chat with specifically, not to all. And they will receive messages only from those men they chose to talk.

This idea sounding good in contrast to men initiating most of conversations.

Before seeing some other good features of Tinder app, lets see a clone app of Tinder, which has got exact features of as same as Tinder app.

Dating app clone by Appkodes

Howzu is the perfect dating app clone app by Appkodes, which is a rightly matching app of Tinder available in the market.  Howzu app has got features as same as Tinder and also it is like a clay kit for online dating business, so it can be easily molded as per your wish.

Match finding features of Howzu

As said before, Howzu app has got all the features of Tinder on it. So these are the features of Tinder clone -Howzu app.

  • Social login
  • Unlimited right swipes
  • Location based search
  • Ban/rewind swipes
  • Instant chat with images
  • Easy control your profile with filter options
  • Delete chat/unfriend option.

These are all the features by default present in the Howzu app to help users find their perfect match and also it has the good amount of space for additional feature integrations.

Revenue generation with Howzu

Tinder app initially provided its users to explore the pool of options to find their perfect match at free of cost. But it was only till March 2015, Tinder then announced its paid subscription for its users.

The only paid subscribers were given a unlimited option of swipes and the non subscribers were limited to specific count of swipes per 12 hours.

Howzu app can serve users best in the world of online dating and also helps you generate returns for your investment in couple of ways.

  • User premium account

As Tinder introduced on 2015, you can earn by making your users subscribe to a premium account. Where you can provide unlimited swipes per day to find their match.

  • Google Adsense

This is the additional revenue generation feature present on Howzu. Providing a commercial space on your app for your users to promote their products can generate good revenue.


Tinder app is the leading player in the industry of online dating business. The Tinder clone apps present in the market guarantees you the same reach and success as  Tinder. Clone developers aren’t playing catch up, they are exploring every ways in providing you the latest and updated solution for your preferred business.

We at Appkodes striving hard on introducing the world with the best possible business solutions. So if you are need to start your business immediately and earn good revenues from it, reach us to see your business live on all platforms with reliable revenue generating features.

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