What Propelled An Idea For Online Business With Tinder Clone App

This post is all about what is making entrepreneurs turn their heads for online business with a Tinder clone app.

If not for the ideas from minds of Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen and Justin Mateen the world would have been unaware of the online dating app. These men started Tinder- an online dating business back in 2012 with easy swipe left and swipe right app for finding a perfect match and mutually interested person. And right now playing as a lead in the industry of online dating business. As of 2015, Tinder has made more than 8 billion matches since its inception in the industry.

Initially, Tinder started as a basic free app to find a perfect match and mutually interested persons for its users. Then it monetized with in-app purchase for different additional functions. As of July 2015, Tinder valued $1.35 billion and estimated to have 50 million users on it.

Viewing immense response and reception for Tinder app in the market, that has made most entrepreneurs incline towards finding the best Tinder clone app to start their own online dating business.

What Propelled An Idea For Online Business With Tinder Clone App

Ways to build Tinder clone app

Tinder app has set a benchmark for users expectation in a dating application. So revolving around that would be a wise idea than trying some fancy things.

So a clone app of Tinder can be built in two ways

  1. Developing from scratch

Developing an app from scratch may delay your launch of in trend business and may not be cost-effective but in this way, you can develop an application in all the ways you exactly prefer.

So you will have to hire an experienced group of developers and designers to get your dating app ready. This will help you add some of your unique ideas in your business with dating app and that in turn increases the engagement.

Tinder owned its uniqueness because of its design and development from scratch. On average every user in user on Tinder app is spending 90 min/per day swiping left and right.

  1. Opting a right clone script for Tinder app

Clone scripts basically have a proven business model, and developers back them up with a good user interface and attractive design.

The idea of opting a readymade clone script for Tinder app will be time conserving and cost-effective. If you want to see your see business go live immediately then opting for a clone script for your online business would be a wise idea.

Clone scripts by default will have a good structure and feature to support your business and it will provide you the option of customization. With that, you can shape the app as per wish and needs for the business.

There are many clone script developers available in the market but only investing in a right script will give you good returns.

Dating script by Appkodes

Howzu is a dating script by Appkodes could be an ideal solution for your ideas of online dating business. Howzu app is a readily available solution on all platforms (web, ios, and Android) to help you start your business immediately.

Howzu is a secure and bug-free script and has an attractive design for providing powerful performance. Howzu has an attractive UI to provide your users good experience in the dating app. Howzu can also be easily customized to fit all your needs of the business.

The best route to start your online dating business is through, Howzu- a Tinder clone app

Default features of Howzu

  • Video and Audio chat- Providing likely minded, mutually interested users with audio and video chat option.
  • Delete chat- In mind for privacy, providing an option for users to delete their chat history on the server and the option of unfriend for annoying dates.
  • Keyword Emoji/ Auto spell- Keyboard emoji for fun and will enhance user experience and auto spell update will help users effectively chat with their dates.
  • Unlimited likes- Users to express interest in other profiles in their quest to find a perfect match with unlimited left swipe for unlike and unlimited right swipe for like.
  • Instant chat with images- Allowing users to instantly chat with sharing images of mutual interest.
  • Social login- Helping users to easily log in to the website with their social media account.
  • Location-based people search- Enabling users to search for peoples on a specific location.

Revenue from Howzu

Howzu generates revenue in couple of ways

  • Premium account subscriptions- By providing access to additional features in the premium account and making them subscribe to the premium account.
  • AD banners- Revenue can be generated by providing a space for promoting user products in AD banner for a particular time at a specific cost.


With the trend of using the dating app increasing each passing day and this kind of application attracting users of all ages, provides a good opportunity for business. With readily available Tinder clone apps in the market, which can easily help you penetrate in the industry. With all that you can soon see you generating good revenue from your business.

To Know More Details: https://appkodes.com/tinder-clone-app

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