Uber Clone App For Online Taxi Booking Business

Online taxi booking business is on the rise ever since its inception in the industry. The leading players in the taxi booking business are swiftly exploring all new ways of capturing more customers and increasing their profit, but still, the doors are wide open in the world of taxi booking business. The huge demand for it has made entrepreneurs search for a perfect uber clone app to start their own taxi booking business.

uber clone app taxi booking business

Clone apps in the market

Evolvement of clone apps has immensely helped the thriving entrepreneurs to start their online business immediately. Developers are at their best in finding a successful business and cloning that business model to provide entrepreneurs a readily available solution for a reliable business.

Right clone app to start your taxi booking business

Uber is one of the leading players in the industry of taxi booking business. So a clone of Uber app can provide an ideal wheel to your ideas of starting a taxi booking script business. Many may have a solution for your ideas, but you are liable for your option. So choosing a right clone app developer in the market will end you on the side of success.

Cabso by Appkodes

Cabso is a best Uber clone app available in the market to provide you good wheels in your long journey in the industry of taxi booking business. Cabso app by default have the best features and also it can accommodate all your ideas of your business. Cabso app with its easy go process and its attractive look and performance can help you gain a recognition for your brand among all your competitors and in the industry.

Business model of Cabso

  • Both, drivers and users have to register with Cabso for an initial user sign in process.
  • Drivers have to submit their docs to admin for approval to take part in the process of ride bookings.
  • Users can find a cab/taxi to book for their ride.
  • Then book a ride on a preferred automotive with pining/entering pickup and drop location.
  • Upon successful ride completion, admin can receive the fare for ride, from the end user.
  • Then admin will deduct his commission and will send money to the taxi driver/owner.

Features of Cabso

By default, Cabso app has many features to benefit your both end users and drivers. Cabso app can also be customized easily to remove/add features required for your business.

Features for End users Features for Drivers

  • Ride Now/Ride Later.
  • Wallet Option.
  • Multiple Payment Option.
  • Instant Notification/Reviews.
  • Ride History/Verified Users.
  • Social login/Invite.
  • SOS/Emergency Contact.
  • Auto Location/Fare Estimation.

  • Live Navigation.
  • Earning reports/Ride History.
  • Document submission.
  • SOS/Emergency Contact.

Final thoughts

If you are thriving to start an online taxi booking business, there is no best readily available solution than Cabso app in the market. Cabso app is readily available in web, ios and android platforms to help you start your business in full flow. To note, Cabso app is developed in an unconventional way with MEAN stack technology- Mongo DB and express JS and completely with Javascript. Which makes this work in lightning speed and a reliable and efficient one for business.

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