Ingrain Your Ideas of Online Video Business In A Perfect Video Streaming Clone Script

Every mobile user in their day to day life is coming across and using any one of video streaming clone script available on the market. Such is the impact of these online video streaming applications among the people. The giants in this business like YouTube, Netflix, etc are giving their users an unprecedented medium with unparalleled attributes in the world of internet to watch online videos, tv shows, movies and its trailers at their convenient time.


One of those giants, YouTube has earned a name and fame for their brand in the industry with providing an app to watch online videos for education, gossips, news, and entertainment just without paying any amount to them. So this probably the only medium letting their users do live video streaming at free of cost. Concurrently, this doesn’t mean that they have no intention of generating revenue from their business. YouTube is generating their revenue in other ways than just charging their users initially.

If you desire to start an online video business then a video streaming clone script could surely help your ideas. Because developing an application from scratch may empty your whole pocket, so investing your ideas in a clone script will be a really good way. Designing and developing a clone script is done by many, but it requires an expert clone script developer and their product to inlay all your ideas.

Appkodes- A leading clone script, web, and mobile app developers

Appkodes has a product named Livza a perfect video streaming clone script. You can rely on Livza to inlay all your ideas of online video business and it can generate you revenue in multiple ways. The features of Livza are designed with the mind to help your users in your way of gaining brand popularity and profit.

Benefits of owning Livza

You can provide an online video streaming medium for your users with live stream, live feed and broadcast options without any technical issues.

Can provide your users an app to live stream videos more efficiently with HD picture quality just from their smartphones.

Livza can provide your users to log in with social media account and can share and comment on videos.

Livza helps your users to subscribe and watch particular channels and programs.

Users will get a notification upon new videos uploaded, on their subscribed channel or by a broadcaster.

Revenue from your business with Livza

Livza generates revenue for you in three ways

AD banners.

Pay Per View.

Subscription-based Live Streaming.

Livza is a readily available app on all platforms (Web, iOS, Android) to help you start your business immediately. Also, Livza app can be customized (themes, modules, integrations) endlessly based on every your needs. Livza can be that perfect video streaming clone script that you were seeking for, to start your online video business.

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