Own a Crowd-Pleasing Business with Popular Live Streaming Script

You all will be very much familiar with live streaming apps because this generation evolving with technology around the compactness there is nothing without mobile phones. And every mobile phone user will have one live streaming app on his mobile. Users are getting popular among other users by sharing the videos and moments through their mobile cams instantly with pristine quality. You can be the one who can give your users a much-needed popularity in the world of the internet they seek with your own popular live streaming script.

live streaming script

Gone are the days where it takes a lot of medium to spread a news and events occurred. Nowadays it has got very simple with advancements in technology. What Apple Inc would have done if the live streaming isn’t there and how far they would have fared by now. I guess they would have relied only on US market till day. But now, while everytime an Apple product is getting released you could see them use the live video streaming platform in an effective way to market their products. Their CEO will unveil the new product, its features, and price in that video, with all curiosity to know about the product most technology lovers will be eager to watch that video to know those details. This is the effective way Apple Inc using to market their products.

So this platform of live streaming is helping the product based companies to reach their target audience in a quick and easy way. So you can own a popular live streaming script for not only users who love to have fun but can also provide a platform for video content marketing.

Here I will review some features you may require in your live streaming app

Live feed: feed on the timeline as a slideshow for various videos to watch.

Live streaming: Provide users to consistently live to stream their video without any technical issues.

Live broadcast: Broadcast the videos to their followers within the app.

Profile setup: easy profile setup options for the individuality of users and to boost their popularity.

User activity/notifications: provide your users a privacy option as who can discover them in the app. At the end of each day notify users of activities of users who they follow.

Social login: Provide your users with an easy way of logging into your app with social media account.

Search: provide users a search option to easily find their friends or their favorite broadcast channels in the app.

These are all the features which I think as most important for your live streaming app. You may decide which all you require in your app.

Livza  a live streaming app by appkodes

We at appkodes provide popular video streaming clone script in the name of Livza with all amazing features required for an online video streaming application. The application is designed with attractive design and providing powerful performance with a secure and bug-free script. So you are assured with a reliable, safe and secure platform to do your business in online live video streaming. Livza can customize endlessly to meet all your requirements.

Now with everything in place to get you that popularity among your competitors in the industry with owning a live streaming script, but in business, your main view will be on how this script generates revenue for you.

Livza generates revenue in multiple ways for you

  • Pay per view
  • Ad banners
  • Subscription-based live streaming.

Visit More:- https://appkodes.com/

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