If You Have an Idea to Buy Online Marketplace Script then this is for you

Online marketplace script is a trading platform you provide for the sellers and buyers to exhibit and explore the products. Marketplace is a common platform for any seller who likes to sell his products online. Any number of sellers that is multiple merchants can sell their products on your site. Same time you can provide options for your user buyers to buy any products by exploring it on their choice and compare it for price and quality from multiple vendors.

With your online marketplace script, you can favor your users like


  • Flexibility to buy all products in a single marketplace.
  • Provide users with the social shopping experience.
  • Reduces their stress and time consumption.
  • Updates about new brand and products in the market.
  • Easily find and buy what they exactly need.
  • Multiple payments options to pay their debts.


  • Can make use of this platform to easily reach buyers.
  • They are assured with a marketplace to easily sell their products.
  • Buyers sharing the seller’s product in social media will provide them free marketing.
  • Every seller is provided with an individual dashboard to manage their sales, inventory, and profit.
  • Multi language options.

Understand the business model of online marketplace script

  • Both buyers and sellers have to register with the website.
  • Sellers can post their product for sale after getting approval from the admin.
  • Buyers can search products from the list posted by sellers as per their wish.
  • If interested to buy any product buyer will place an order.
  • Seller will receive the order of product and will ship the product requested by buyer.
  • Upon successful shipment of product, the admin will receive the payment from buyer, will deduct his commission for sale and then sends money to seller.

buy online marketplace script

Appkodes brings your ideas into reality

Fantacy an online marketplace script by Appkodes, will be a perfect choice for your idea of doing a business with Ecommerce website. Fantacy is a well-rounded Ecommerce script with all requisite features to bring more revenue to you. Fantacy app can be customized endlessly to meet your every need. Fantacy marketplace script comes with a readily available native iOs and Android app.

Customization can be done in

Seller App Add-On: Individual sellers on the website can efficiently manage their products, orders, and messages with an easy app rather than relying on a website every time.

Themes: Theme of mobile applications can be customized to match your needs.

Modules integration: We follow waterfall method in developing an app. So we can easily remove or add modules to your requirements without affecting the other functions of the app.

Payment methods: Can change the payment gateway which you prefer. As default, we provide PAYPAL as a payment gateway.

Revenue generation methods in Fantacy

Seller basis commission: Admin can earn from fixed or percentage wise commision from each sale made on the site.

Google Adsense: revenue generation by providing an Ad banner for sellers to promote their products for a particular time at specific costs.

With shopping in online having benefits for all involved in it, the users will keep on increasing per day. So this provides you the assured opportunity to earn from your Ecommerce site provided if you could provide right shape for your ideas with a perfect solution like Fantacy.


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