What All Your Property Rental Script Should Incorporate In It

Property rental script will save time and human effort in the world of rental property search. Properties for rents may be available in the place which is well versed in the city but may not reach seekers attention, thereby properties for rent will be vacant for so long. So here originated a fortuity for business by connecting the property owners and rental property seekers.


     Property rental script has provided a common platform online for all property owners to showcase the space they have for rent. This could make the process of rental accommodation seekers easier and would save their time effectively.

     This online platform for rentals should take the least time to load the properties listed from all around the world. Best in this script is there is no limit for uploading any numbers of properties by a single owner.

Most prerequisite features to support property rental script is

Way to list and avail the rental bookings for hosts and guests:

       The hosts(owners) should be able to list their properties for rent on the site by following the procedures for listing. Hosts should be provided with the option of listing the property added with good images of property to show.

         Then after site admin’s approval, the property listed will be available to view for the guests(seekers). Then guests can visit the property and then they can avail that for rent or save it in their wishlist to view later. Guests can book rentals either instantly or by request to the host. Once any guest makes a booking then he can avail the property for rent after getting confirmation from a host.

Added advantageous feature:

Guests can find rental spaces to avail on the exact place where and which category(rooms, villas, apartments, and much more) they prefer by using the advanced search option. Hosts can make a change in price according to the days of month i.e price for weekdays and different prices on weekends on a same listed property. With this guests may know the price they could afford and search rentals according to their budget with this advanced search option. Guests can make a reservation for properties on the list by directly contacting the hosts. Once booking is made by any guest that particular property owner and admin of the site will get a notification about the booking.

A well-versed script

Finally, a script for property rental bookings should be an attractive one with providing amazing performance and should be a secure one without any bugs.

With all these now you will be clear there is a real opportunity for business and with the short review of essential features, you may get a clear idea of what and which you need for your business.

Airfinch by Appkodes

Airfinch is a rental property script by Appkodes to help you grab the fortuity for business in online rental bookings. Airfinch is an exact clone of Airbnb, you may know what are all features Airbnb app has in it. Airfinch encloses all features of Airbnb.

Airfinch app can also be customized for other rental bookings like

  • Boat rental booking
  • Equipment rental booking
  • Vacation rental booking
  • Accommodation rental bookings.

Airfinch app comes with a readily available native iOs and Android app, so you can integrate your idea of rental booking business easily with Airfinch app and can start your business in just matter of time.


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