Flourish With Online Food Ordering System

Online food ordering system has gone down well among all internet users. Because this helps them to taste best recipes of restaurants at their own place. So this has reduced their concern for feeding themselves when they are left with no options. Online food ordering business is not a very new idea in the industry but with advancements in features and easier options, it is attracting more users to this website. The increased number of users will increase sales and will bring more revenue to the admin.



Why users prefer online food ordering system:


End users:

Online food ordering services meet the basic needs of every human i.e to address their hunger for foods. By making the foods available all the time around them why won’t users will make use of that service. Once in a while if they have no time for preparing foods or being bored of cooking foods then on those times they rely mostly on online food ordering apps. So end users are ready to search a likely food ordering app to order their foods online. Which helps to taste foods at a preferred time without standing in long lines and if available, at an offer price.

Restaurant owners:

Online food ordering system not only aids the end user but also provides striving restaurant owners an opportunity to increase their sales. With this website a restaurant owner can plan how to attract more customers to his restaurant by exhibiting his menu in online, restaurant owners get an easily reachable source/medium for ordering the foods, will get an assured market where they can make their sales, easily manage menu and inventory, have efficient order conversion rate, with social sharing options can get free marketing for restaurant. With all these benefits the restaurant owners will also look to join an online food ordering app.

SmartEat by Appkodes

Launch your very own online food ordering system with SmartEat by Appkodes. SmartEat provides the win-win situation for all involved in it.

How SmartEat helps sellers(restaurant owners), buyers and admin

  • Multiple sellers and buyers both have to register in the and log in to the SmartEat app.
  • Multiple sellers can list their menus after getting approval from admin.
  • Buyers can search the restaurant and order foods with easy menu add up and ordering options.
  • Buyers can pay for their orders with multiple payment options like COD, PAYPAL.
  • Admin will receive the payments, deduct his commission and the send money to the seller.
  • Admin will manage users, orders, cancellation of orders and decide cities where a restaurant can offer their services.

SmartEat comes with a native iOs and Android app which helps you to start your business instantly with better reach. SmartEat is developed with CodeIgniter V2.2.0 framework written in PHP and database is MySQL provides you an attractive design, powerful performance, secure and a bug free script. With CodeIgniter V2.2.0 being a powerful open source SmartEat can be customized endlessly based up on your every need.


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