Commute and Earn From Rides with Your Own Taxi Booking App

Often you would have seen people struggling to find a public transport to reach their destination. But in recent times, it has got completely evacuated with OLA and UBER stormed the industry with their ideas of online taxi booking app. These two have become giants in the market with their earnings through the on demand taxi booking app.
What they both provided their users is taxi booking through a mobile application. They straightly announced their arrival with a mobile app for taxi booking. Which excited the users and made to go for it. They withheld all their users with providing extraordinary features in their app for good experience in taking a ride from their smartphones.

By taking the route of mobile apps for their business they have established their brand name in the store. This way they easily reached all users and drivers. They provided the hassle free way of commutation for all their users without any bargaining and too much waiting time.

So how about you grabbing an opening here with this taxing booking business.Cabso a taxing booking app from Appkodes helps you to start successful on demand taxi booking business.
Enhanced for your user-passengers
Users have to register with their app. Then they can opt a car/preferred automotive to take their rides. They can either book their rides instantly/request for booking in advance. They can track their ride vehicle in the map and its approximate time to pick up them at their place. Users are also provided with OTP for ride verification and contact number of driver. They can book their rides after knowing the fare with fare estimation option. Once they reach the destination they can provide reviews and feedbacks for the rides. Users are provided with option to pay their fare for rides either by cash or through wallet.
App with benefits for drivers
Driver owning a vehicle for rent was struggling to meet the passengers willing to take his service rent. This was overcome by a taxi booking app. Where any driver can register and submit their documents for review to admin. Upon successful review of admin that particular driver can take part in the system of taxi booking app. Drivers can earn good with this application and they no need to go hunt for passengers to ride in their vehicles. Drivers will get their bookings notification in their registered account and can easily track their passenger place to pick them up. So you too could start a business with Cabso to earn by serving an essential purpose.
Cabso has all the prerequisite features individually for both your users and drivers. Cabso is completely developed with MEAN stack technology that is crafted with Javascript with this providing you lightning fast speed, efficiency and reliability. Cabso helps you reach quick  with a readily available native IOS and Android app. Cabso helps you to earn from fixed or percentage wise commision from rides.

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