Reason you should prefer video streaming clone script

Evolution of technology has made people bow down their head for what they get on their hands. Almost 70 percent of the population in the whole world is now using mobile phones, to note not just mobile phones it’s smartphones. Smartphones are designed for both fun and purposeful uses. Yourself can find peoples putting their heads down and having their thumbs up, with their eyes navigating every nook and corner of that small screen.
Video streaming clone script is one vital app that occupies a space in every smartphone. Smartphone users are mostly fun-loving peoples and they always have the interest to seek whats up around them. So this video streaming clone script helps them live stream and broadcast their videos and watch videos online at any time and anywhere.

Reasons you should develop a live streaming app

The live streaming app has become a new way of communication and in its way, it helps

  • In capturing more attention.
  • Paving an easy way, through which information can reach at best to target audience.
  • Seamless live streaming of videos.

Sooner than later, brands are going to rely heavily on live streaming advertising.

There are many successful applications in the store serving the same purpose namely Hulu, Netflix, Amazon prime, Periscope, etc. So to stay ahead of these successful apps you should own an live streaming application that comes with native iOs and Android app.

Livza- The perfect solution that rightly meets your need

Livza is a video streaming clone script by appkodes, giving a perfect solution to your need in owning a live video streaming application. Livza has all quintessential features a live video streaming app should possess.

The revenue model of Livza app is

Pay per views Ad banners Subscription-based live video streaming Livza will surely attract and obtains a space for itself in many user mobiles with its great features. With revenue in multiple ways and increase in a number of users day by day, it is surely presenting you a great opportunity for business.


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