Reason to prefer Multi-vendor marketplace script and know it’s business model

In this fast-moving world, almost every people are concerned about only two things. One is to save money and the other is to save time. If they could do both in the same place then why won’t they prefer sticking there? The successful online multi-vendor marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba where anyone can sell or buy products will save people’s time in shopping for their every need and provides products value for money. Both concerns of peoples are met here with great satisfaction. You too can provide solutions for their concerns, with the setup of your own multi-vendor marketplace.

business model marketplace

Fantacy is a multi-vendor marketplace script by appkodes for the entrepreneurs to set up their own multi-vendor e-commerce site to buy and sell products.

You can bring multiple vendors fitting the theme of your site to sell different products. You can be a link between buyer and seller, can manage all vendors on the site and their product sales.

Business model and how it works

Each vendor has to individually register and login to the site. Once the vendor registers and gets logged into the site, he can set up an own store in the site to display his products, can create own albums, display collections of trendy stuff. Each vendor can display their products for sale only after getting approval from the admin.

Buyers have to register individually and login to the site. Buyers can explore cool and trendy stuff from their favorite companies and brands. Buy any products on interests from any sellers. And have multiple payment options to pay for their purchases.

Admin of the site can manage the number of sellers on the site and will act as a link between seller and buyer for payment transactions. Admin manages buyer order refund and cancellation policies. Admin receives payment from buyers and deducts his commission amount in that sale and sends the money to the seller.

Features that support the Fantacy business model

Fantacy has the features that would best suit the business model for an online marketplace application. The features of an E-commerce application should be friendly for buyers and sellers. Based on that only buyers and sellers will get attracted towards the application. Providing multiple options to buy from increases the sales on the site.

Multi-vendor system: Multiple vendors can sell their products on the site.

Product details: Wide range of details about the products.

Advanced filter options: Search for exactly what they need.

Multiple payment options: Make payments for purchase in different ways( COD, credit card, Braintree, PAYPAL) they prefer.

Follow seller: Follow particular seller and his products.

Group gifts and gift cards: Share among friends to pay for gifts and send gift cards.

Invites and credits: Invite friends to use this app and earn credits upon successful invites.

Merchant dashboard: Every vendor is provided with his own dashboard to manage the sales, to add products and to manage his inventory.

And also Fantacy is an open source Ecommerce script, so it is easily customizable to fulfill your every need.

Be successful with our product

The increase in trend of online purchasing and more peoples preferring to go online for their every need has created a huge pop in the usage of online E-commerce sites. And so setting up your own Ecommerce site with Fantacy- multi-vendor marketplace script gives you assured successful business in the online E-commerce platform.


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