Reason for development of multi vendor clone script and you can own this script for business


With many successful multi vendor enterprises achieving the success rate that they haven’t ever achieved before has led to the development of multi vendor clone script. With people cultivating their ideas and sharing their knowledge, everything taking place in online and just through mobile phones. Mobile phone has become every people’s ever reliable partner for their every need. Developers forecasted how mobile phone will take part in the life of humans and in that scenario took an initiative as why shouldn’t they make everything available online with a mobile app.


This has led to the development of many mobile applications with integration of creative ideas. With a clear view of people’s getting frustrated to stand in long queue/rush in the physical market has led to the development of the multi vendor Ecommerce site.


“Necessity is the mother of invention”


People needed a right marketplace where they could buy a good, quality product as they could see in the physical marketplace like a mall, where they can analyze products in shops of multiple vendors. So this need has created a development of virtual shopping mall in online to provide a hassle-free shopping experience.


In which way this benefited its users

  • This idea has saved more time for its users.
  • This has provided every user to do window shopping easily to stay known in recent trends and fashion.
  • This provides options for viewing the product of interest on display without any concern or disturbing the seller.
  • This idea has brought has the multiple sellers to a single marketplace to showcase their products.
  • This marketplace has immensely helped the sellers to increase their sales.
  • Buyers can view and compare the price, quality of product from multiple vendors and can buy the best one which they prefer.
  • The sellers can attract the buyers by providing a good amount of offers on their products.

Reason you should own this script

With this script having so many benefits for its users it has pepped up a trend of online shopping among all peoples. So peoples turning as their users is the first step of success for the development of multi vendor clone script. With an increase in demand and in the fast pace of technology, this script has got many different shapes and ideas. With win-win situation for all involved in this script, has provided an immaculate business opportunity. So you can start a business by owning a multi vendor clone script.


Choose an appropriate one that will rightly fit your need

The first step is the best step all would say, if you could land your first step in your business rightly then you will find it really simple without many complications. Many developers available in the market could provide you some solution to set up your online Ecommerce business. But by choosing a legitimate one will help you land your first step successfully.

Wanelo clone on the market today.jpg

Socibuy by Appkodes

  • Socibuy a comprehensive multi vendor clone script by Appkodes is the best app for the setup of multi vendor Ecommerce site.
  • Socibuy has every requisite feature that would help you gain profit. Socibuy has created a virtual shopping mall with the provision to set up thousands of stores in it.
  • Socibuy has redefined the shopping experience with the addition of social features like social sharing, tag, and mention.
  • As an admin you can manage, moderate operations of the site, add/remove the moderators and can earn revenue from auto commision deduction method.
  • Socibuy is also customizable according to your needs, so it can be easily changed as per your wish that may help you in revenue generation.

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